Brazil who only took 43 shots for gains of 13 balls, and har

November 08 [Fri], 2013, 17:29

Black Dragon shot even in the face of a teammate, Kathy can react quickly, 17 minutes Pepe out almost 6 meters in front of the black dragons, but Kathy ground fighting and successful. 28 minutes when Claudio Marchisio in front of 6 metres was made, and stuck with his right foot to block out West. National Derby, Diego GE·luopeisi at the foot of blocking the ball, they appear incapable of, which is determined by the height, Lopez, taller, nike air max classic bw australia reacted to the ground time is longer. Kathy the complete 10 times to fight, was he the highest figures since 2006.It is also attended by Kathy 133th champions beyond Raul became real Madrid's history to participate in Champions League matches up to the player. Praise is easily the best coach after the game-winning, Ancelotti also praise for Cassie, "Mr Igor is the key to Real Madrid, he completed an exciting game, decided the result of the match. Especially in the first half twice blocked his performance I was surprised, although he can play every game, but he could always make sure you state, is a very professional player. "Old opponent Gigi Buffon, Kathy appreciated plus," he plays very well, completed three decisive saves. "Juve coach Courtney says, is Kathy changed the whole game, he saved Real Madrid.

National media are beginning to support Cassie, think Ancelotti should give them more opportunities in the West. France football under said, "Cassie of performance is ruled level of, Pepe 17 minutes, and Marchisio 28 minutes, and Bidal 38 minutes and boast liyaleila 83 minutes, and 89 minutes Shi of shot, change other goalkeeper are may is goal, Cassie is will they rejected......" Portugal ball reported under is such evaluation, "in Spain, people also in discussion Casillas and Diego GE·luopeisi who more should do real Madrid of main goalkeeper, but last night Cassie has to out has answers, he spent has a great of night. "The United Kingdom of the daily mirror wrote," Casillas is a Savior, he ensured that Real Madrid away from home openers. "ESPN ratings are," tonight was on watch Real Madrid, people were supposed to get used to Real Madrid captain, and his performance even more than it has done tonight. Five big league near kick finished one-third race, shooter list Shang horse horse leading of except Ronaldo also has Costa, which not only 12 field League launched into 13 ball, far will Liliana CAVANI, and Falco, and Aguero and Lewandowski Mariusz these name earthquake rivers and Lakes of Super shooter dumped in behind, to knows Atletico year from Braga purchased into he only spent has 3.5 million euro around, list in the remaining all people except Alessio Cerci outside, all is worth tens of millions of of top stars.

Five big league currently also only Costa and Ronaldo broke number Shang double, but real Madrid (official micro-Bo data) field are shooting 19.2 times, top League in the after Dortmund row second, Portugal people obtained of support more, and Atletico only 14.5 times shooting, on Costa of scored dependence more big, sheets army can to 92% of winning percentage and Barca (official micro-Bo official website data) side-by-side five big League first, top scorer credit to Wei. Goals in terms of efficiency, Costa also called Europe's first, nike air max humara australia Brazil who only took 43 shots for gains of 13 balls, and harvest the same amount of goals Ronaldo, indicator is full of Atletico Madrid, 19th more than twice times, 95 shoot, completing 54 shot by Lionel Messi, scored only 8. Average 3.3 shots earned a ball, Costa, efficient and only Bayern (microblog data) Archer manzujiqi shoulder, an average of 3.25 shots into a ball, but Atletico attack organizational capability and Bayern are a far cry from, Costa scored relatively more prominent individuals of ability and talent.
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