red bottom heels is limited

October 11 [Thu], 2012, 9:57
The generally red bottom heels inferior dye coloring is not good, and containing the chemical composition beyond the required standards in the latter part of the fabric finishing process, due process is not in place, these chemical residues will be attached to the clothes, to peoples health caused by hidden dangers.

Off the discount christian louboutin color on the clothes easy to enter the human skin, causing dermatitis capital Xuanwu Hospital Dermatology Zhu Wei, chief physician, told reporters the human body is a weak acid, in the wearing process, and sometimes a sweat, the skin permeability will enhance the color of clothes off enters the skin through sweat, make people feel the clothes and body parts in contact itching, severe cases from erythema, papules, etc., can cause contact dermatitis.

Clothing PH value of fiber acid can be infected with color, cotton needs to alkali can be infected with the color in addition to color fastness, PH value is also an important indicator about the safety clothing christian louboutins sale.