Finally ! 

March 27 [Sat], 2010, 12:23
Haha ! On thursday i went for 2 interviews! Both job was found on and not with agency hahaha!

first was admin assistant at novena at 2pm, the later is clinic assistant at orchard at 430pm

So i went for the first interview at 2pm was short and sweet. the interviewer just ask a few questions. Get it over and done with attitude. was so simple! (whats with all the job agency recommented interviews? why they so picky all... )

and yeap she likes me and ask me to consider the job scope (she accepted me but was worried that i would leave like the rest did after they work for a few weeks.) she was worried that i would leave too cuz the job is quite routine and people would say boring. hahaha but the salary wise is my expected salary so i was happy ^^

then i went on to the starbucks to wait for time to pass before i go for the interview at 430 so i waited from 2plus to 3plus then took a train down to orchard. I reached at 4pm thought it would be nice to drop by early...

So i was there filled up the application form (damn long and naggy form) and waited and waited.. I see the patients go in and outta of the consultation room.. unknowly i waited for 3 whole hours hahaha!

and i was finally interviewed cuz they close at 7.. (no more patients) and they were very friendly people. the doctor know how it feels like to work in the hospital and she understand why i didn't apply for hospital. it was also another short and sweet interview. ^^ and they like me too didn't even ask me to consider and told me that i could start work soon. ^^ salary is the same as i expected too. was all in the range.. so monday i will be going back to sign the agreement form... ^^ will ask abt the job scope on monday too. (was too engrossed in the job that i forgot abt the job scope) but according to the way the ladies are working there, i think it should be not more than:

- registering of patient and details
- scheduling patients appointments
- explaining the medications prescribed
- diluting solutions for injections
- cashiering

okok i gtg... mata ne!
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