Moving Right Along 

2006年01月24日(火) 15時12分
I got my Official letter from Nagasaki University. Perhaps I'll go on campus tomorrow to scan it so I can show if off on here. I've sent off my passport stuff, which should get here in time for me to also get my visa stuff done. Right now the most pressing issue is to get my flights booked. The first day I can "leave" Nagasaki is on the 30th of July, but I want to stay in Japan for at least another 2 weeks if I can.

Entry one 

2006年01月03日(火) 5時40分
Here is the beginning. I've been accepted to Wisconsin-Platteville's program to Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. I'll be doing a home stay from March 29th until July 29th. I'm planning on staying an extra 2 weeks so I can at least spend a little time in Tokyo and visit the rest of the country. I've got a big payment to W-P due in Feb. and I'm trying to get everything ready for my Freeman-Asia grant. Everything seemed to be going wrong, that I was almost sure I wouldn't get accepted to W-I or F-A.

I need to try to find a fairly cheap digital camera to take with me. The only problem with that is I probably won't have a computer that I can unload the pictures onto. Maybe I'll send the memory cards back home and have dad rotate them out for me. Perhaps I should scrap the digital idea...

I am going to work as much as I can for the next 2 months, and maybe pick up a second job if I can find one with flexible enough hours. I've still got a lot of forms and things to do for my W-P application, but I'm going to try to finish as much as I can this week. I'm also planning on sitting in on one of the lower level Japanese classes or the new 1 hour course that Holman sensei is going to have. It'll be a little sad to be free when everyone else is in school and to be in school when everyone else is free.

Let's see how this goes! I hope this isn't the only entry that will be in this blog!

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