The kid signs an inside and wants, after China Joe to the ball team did Xun

May 09 [Wed], 2012, 23:49
There is no the characteristics to can completely develop an oneself, so the individual only got hold of 4 more cents, other teammates also got hold of for 6 cents, with this, when the half time ends, the score of two brigades is 54:59.Seeing from score, five medium traverse this taking place of trump card because of the square, momentary will five medium of aggression efficiency to lifted up, at the same time because the square traverses for inhibitting huge moxa Lun, it causes the aggression efficiency of the other party have to descend. For park beautiful senior high school Cheap Beats By Dre to say, they acquainted with five more medium of dozen method, this provided military tactics to how the second half field of the member of team creates more outside line opportunities for teammate basis, at the same time, their the other party traversed to also relatively acquaint with, in their eyes, the characteristics of biggest what square traversed is a lightning flash to make moves, Monster Beats By Dre and in the clout to lead still higher, so, above 2 will be a lake the United States senior high school at in the field particularly study.(The looks for a 书 net) "Old kid, you feel your medium the hurl compare it in square Ling of, who more quasi-?"China Joe takes advantage o the other teammateses haven't come over of time ask a kid at the side of body to sign an inside. The kid signed an inside to calculate to calculate square ining the clout Cheap Dre Beats of Ling , so far attain 70%, in the mind from sigh rather, he ownly in the clout to at most also attains 56% on the average, so he always answers:"The square traverses quasi-." composed by 0509lingfang
"That you train who more assiduous?"China Joe immediately after asks. The kid signs an inside and wants, after China Joe to the ball team did Xun especially, everyone is carrying on unprecedented training, particularly oneself, deeply is in a row shot the basket by the cherry wood flower way 20000 spirit influence, will additionally strengthen for oneself every day in hurl of training, so also obtained quite good effect.Thought of this, the kid signs an inside and wants to think that square's traversing , since the square traversed to join ball team, has never seen have as well what special training, be follow behind ball team to do some military tacticses train just, but these all be not consume physical strength and will very much of live, and square traverse majority of time all at consumedly the ground play trick to do foolish things and thought of this, he Monster Beats Dr Dre answers China Joe:"I am more assiduous." "That your in the clout to lead why for instance traverse low?"China Joe for making Cheap Beats Dr Dre the kid sign inside realization of more very clear, so the form that still continues to ask signs by arousing a kid an inside
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