2009年05月18日(月) 3時37分
concert was awsome...
my neck hurts a lot...
It was like oh my god .. fucking shit .. and BAAM!

I could kiss flo .. she took amazing pics...

ahhh you don't get more to see X333~
I have to save them ... too lovely...

best birthday present somehow...
I mean .. shining, shadan, crazy flag & alive...
what more?! eh ....


2009年04月26日(日) 21時45分
gomen ne gomen ne ...

I shoudl write more.
I have to write a mail ... Sorry Lala... I always forget about it ...
This evening I'll write!

You'll get my new blog.
I don't want that some people read it.
people I don't like at the moment.
poeple who see just the bad in me. people who want to talk shit about me.
Ah thank you! I know when it's time to say good bye.

I know that you have problems with me.
but just shut up and look for someone else to bully I don't want to be your sacrifice!


2009年04月06日(月) 0時35分
Today Kazu and me declare proud and officially that on





Far far away

we will marry.

You are all welcome.
Kuki's marriage witness is Flo
Kazu's marriage witness is Nomi (wearing a dress!!)



2009年04月02日(木) 4時14分
Never give up!

aaah I love no brain XD~

they make me somehow happy ...

aah school was stupid .. bloody stupid...

ah I love the way Goerge is talking .. always saying bloody and stupid or bloody stupid XD

Ni-sama .. recue in eto ... pain?Oo XD
*making hot hoot hot hot*

Sachse Pi morgen uni? XD
yatta~ xD

mah~ my stomache hurts .________.
too much >.<

I hope tomorrow it'll be better .. 'coz uni man!

ah friday~ Friday.... holidays ... yosh~
holidays and cinema .... and ooooooh ... it'S hot~ *running*

keep on rolling rolling rolling XDD~

No Oo I didn't take any drugs...
it's just ... I'm happy to have holidays on Friday ... I hope I see some friends again ...

I want to go to the Kirmes in Dortmund o.o"

who wants to join?!

승리를 향해 

2009年03月30日(月) 22時42分

wuuh~ I'm so happy so happy so happy...

warum bin ich so froehlich
so froehlich so froehlich
bin ausgesprochen froehlich,
so froehlich war ich nie

bin manchmal leicht neurotisch,
psychotisch und chaotisch,
labil und neogotisch, doch heut bin ich ok

wuuuh I could sing... if I could XDDD~

Ok O___o but it's really strange.. I'm so happy... got holiday feeling.. eto ..
but I think I fortgot my brain somewhere XDD
cut my finger...
hurt my head in the shower... (to wet T_______T ... like ice >_<)

and yeah my thougth was

'ah .. no brain ... wait... no brain ... you love that band ^__^~ lsiten to it"

yay... I love these guys...

aaaaaah it's time to go outside ^___^~
enjoying the weather...

ah .. gomen ne Ni ...

I'll call ya later when I'm back ^________^~

aaaaaah ... but see...
I feel good nana nana na~

aah aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaa~

Pi òó ... ... ... I want a chocolat bunny!


2009年03月23日(月) 4時53分
I'm such a dork ...

saying all these bad words...

then just a tear, I see you regretting everything ...

no more words ...

how could I do that?


2009年03月21日(土) 19時05分

- 10.2005
† 3.2009

Rest in Peace my dear...

South West 

2009年03月18日(水) 5時34分

Last exam today...
aaaah... I should have learned more...
Thomas you're liar... I failed again ... Ah I know you want my best...
I'm quiet unsure about myself

Some people say I'm a bad guy
They're maybe right
They're maybe right

Just my FA left...*sigh*
hopeless issue...

Ah I want to help Lala... but dunno how...

I can't forget it...
It hurts too much

Yes I can change, I can change!
I know i've been a dirty little bastard
I like to kill! I like to maim! Yes, I'm insane!
But it's okay, 'COS I CAN CHANGE!!

Ah can you change?!

listen all the day to this stupid song...

is it insane to understand the way like Sadam Hussein is in this movie?

ah ok not at all ...
I don't understand to have sex with Satan ... & errr... no ... but I know either someone who's saying that he'll change .. but all I can see is just another disappointment

yay thank you!~

no more betrayment on me


yare yare 

2009年03月16日(月) 14時27分

I just forget this weekend...

yes just moment and everything was destroyed

thank you!~
you knew the meaning for me ...
you could see my frustration
and you were that cold ...
thank you!~

you forgot to ask for me help in history


2009年03月08日(日) 18時23分
I wanted to write a long entry.. yeah not ime..
next match in one hour...
wish me luck
mata ne
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