Richie Incognito Is One Of The Miami Dolphins Players

December 15 [Sun], 2013, 6:12

The Miami Dolphins acted swiftly in their handling of Richie Incognito on Sunday, suspending the veteran guard indefinitely for his role in Jonathan Martin's absence from the team.

.It's a nightmare situation for the Dolphins, who are dealing with a complicated and delicate personnel matter smack in the middle of the regular season.

.NFL Media's Jeff Darlington asked players about the situation during a visit to the Miami locker room Monday".I know both of those guys personally.I like both of them", said wide receiver Mike Wallace, who added he doesn't believe the team's pranks and hazing went too far".I love Richie.I think he's a great guy.I don't think he was out of hand.I have a lot of respect for Richie.I wish he was here".NFL Media's Albert Breer reported Monday that Martin shared highly inappropriate texts and voicemails from Incognito with his parents Saturday, and turned them over Sunday to the Dolphins and the league, according to sources close to Martin and involved in the investigation".

.He's a funny guy", Davis said of Incognito".Everybody loves him".Incognito lost his organization's support Sunday night, but he appears to have teammates in his corner.It remains to be seen if it stays that way. Richie Incognito is one of the Miami Dolphins players.According to the report, Richie Incognito was suspended by the Miami Dolphins for his role in Jonathan Martin's absence.However, Richie Incognito still has the support of some teammates.Well, Mike Wallace is the wide receiver and one of the Miami Dolphins players.He said that Richie Incognito was a great player and he loved Richie Incognito and wished Richie Incognito was here.Anyway, I hope Richie Incognito will return the Miami Dolphins soon.Good luck for him!Strategic ventilation over major heat zones helps keep you cool whether you watch the game on the hot weather.Shop it!With the NFL summer season coming, NFL fans should not miss your favorite team major Manti Teo jersey ventilation. is a leading worldwide wholesaler NFL jerseys company.Find all the NFL jerseys and fans gear you need in the NFL shop.Buy cheap NFL jerseys online to save money.Support your team and save on jerseys, hats, apparel and more in the our online NFL store.We trust that cheap jerseys for sale online outlet is your best place to choose your favorite NFL jerseys with a wholesale price.Hurry to buy them now.