the heart wants is to let you know

September 08 [Sat], 2012, 13:00
Magic knife !The knife case of this generation true disciples ,a God King list fourth ,regardless of which one identity are a symbol of the powerful magic knife ,is a strong earthquake Daqin youth .
Magic knife has attracted all the attention ,as the sun appeared in the stars, the moment let all people be cast into the shade ,he is not tall body, let everybody have a look .This is a momentum ,a master to have gas field .
The original eye above the top of the young heroes ,Karen Millen Limited Editions Dress,have come forward to magic knife ,tone in awe ,reverence ,where there is a trace of pride ,an instant become humble .Magic knife lightly traveled all eyes ,and some familiar to talk and laugh ,looks elegant chic ,Womens The North Face Shoes,but seen magic knife hand knows ,at present this talk cheerfully and humorously black youth power hand but turn ,abnormal sinister means ,no mercy .
Even if a God King list the third the seven princes ,but will also be seven Prince play hematemesis ,although has lost ,but also let the people in awe .Magic knife in the crowd surrounded by ,on a huge rock ,puma running,around some curry favor with his people around him .
Is indeed the God King list fourth ! The distance, six recovered slightly surprised eyes ,heart ,magic knife are very powerful ,though God Eagle Peak itself culture realm ,but that a divine power fluctuations obviously has been comparable to the god-king medium strong ,no wonder he once defeated a god-king early strong .
If you do not pass the law before the fire ,six do not apply to knife magic sword he tied, but now six understand the fire law ,quality sophisticated to God you middle peak realm ,the supreme indestructible fist play the power of fifty-five times can completely and the god-king late strong contend, is not afraid of a knife magic .
Do not know the three Prince has many strong ? Six heart thinking ,ranking fourth in the magic knife is so strong ,so above him the seven princes ,Mihwang Ko ,and that has been a breakthrough into God Prince and many strong ?I this time do a world to win, six thought .
Gee ,Cove UGG,flying to forest . On six thought the occasion, the Baiyun days a gasp came, six hear the prestige to the bamboo grove ,a white youth holding a giant stride and knife .So carry knife action ,Karen Millen Solid Color Outlet,in addition to forest .
Who else? This guy has a space ring is not put, to put the knife in his hand ,in six ,it was obvious in the act .Forest fly eyes look ,immediately saw the crowd sword magic ,because magic knife is too prominent, who are unable to ignore his presence .
Hum ! Forest fly frowned ,grunted coldly not to knife magic there, although two people with a knife ,but they have been rivals .Previously was nothing ,after all, the flying knife magic forest and the gap between too much ,but in this forest .
After Enlightenment ,the strength to go through the roof ,but also by the knife in the high patronage ,slowly let the magic knife feel threatened ,begin suppressing forest fly ,let Lin Fei young heart .
Eh? Suddenly ,Lin flying saw a familiar figure ,is a six .He walked past . first come in ,how come I late? Watching Lin flying along, six said with a smile .Lin Feiyang aside for a stone to sit down ,I ,turned up her eyes : this kind of thing it do ?Besides the seven princes did not come .
Oh ,that is right . The six smiled, looked at the forest filled with consent of the other party ,looking at him ,flying from forest breath ,has clearly reached God Eagle Peak realm ,a divine power fluctuation in the god-king out peak, seems to be a breakthrough to the middle of the god-king can .
Apparently ,Lin flying on an epiphany gained great benefits .One side of the Baiyun days some curiously in front of the two men ,he but remember six snatched three Dan filled anger chase out ,now see a forest filled with six gas and gas to talk ,but heart is strange .
It seems that two people can not help but not the enemy ,also become friends ?Clouds in the mind of libel .At the moment ,six recovery of gaze ,laughed and joked: it seems the last insight you reap good, eat more than three Dan effect is good .
Insight. One side of the Baiyun days as if thinking of sth. I nodded ,for Lin flying strength increased some understanding ,even the Epiphany this adventure is to catch up ,it is good luck ,his heart burst of envy .
Lin Feiyang Wenyan sing: than you pervert far worse ,you this is a three Danby was two three Dan utility . Apparently he knew six work in mid the divine emperor .His satire ,Lin flying heart brew storms on rivers and seas ,six training speed let him with horror .
Meet for the first time in six ,Lin flying to see six gods early ,second times six to the God peak, this to say ,after all, taking three Dan passable ,Lin flying was not surprised at how much .
But it third times in six ,Lin flying was depressed ,this guy can breaking through to the divine emperor ,also reached the God King medium ,and may at any time to break through to the divine emperor period, the training speed is almost have no predecessors .
abnormal ! One side of the Baiyun days I admire him and nodded ,flying thoughts ,only they witnessed six growth .Of course ,it secretly several orders to execute six three prince more clearly six terrible .
Six hear metamorphosis two words seem to smile ,where he is called metamorphosis ,the heart wants is to let you know happiness and Qisha training speed ,not scared the shit out of you .
At this time, Lin flying look to the US side of Baiyun days ,mouth pulled up a smile : Baiyun days ,you are not my opponent . The original and Baiyun day battle ,when he knew himself with Bai Yuntian or some gaps ,but since the enlightenment ,the current Baiyun days have been him thrown away .
Bai Yuntian expressed his mouth twitched ,pointing to the six said : why don find him ? A word forest be rendered speechless . Seven to the prince ! Suddenly ,a distant cry interrupted six count ,three people conversation .
In the sky, three dragon pulling a Wong car slowly step line ,the three dragon god-king realm is strong ,who comes out of the atmosphere extremely powerful ,this three statue of powerful dragon pulling a rickshaw, when it is of great momentum ,Wilhelm monstrous .
The car ,sitting in a golden yellow young men ,look sharp ,ferocity unrivalled .He is the seven son ,a God King list third ,Qin wu !This is the first bad 25 medal ,the brothers
,let six God King list set foot on the first also embarked on the first gold medal standings !Seek medal !Seek medal !Seek medal !We have gold hit over !Subscribe to a monthly consumption
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