2005年07月19日(火) 22時03分
today is my dog's birthday. he now became 2 years old! good day good day
I gave him little birthday cake made by dog food! what a nice birthday party it was, my dog almost eat up whole thing but for that it's too big to finish.
he can eat rest of them tomorrow

is it acceptable ...? 

2005年07月19日(火) 21時56分
Hey you all!
my best friend has just left and settled her life to be started with her boyfriend at his place..
I just can't believe how can she go on that kind of relation which she met him on the internet chat. they live totally different continet. and different culture and different back grand.. If I were her, I'd be scared.

haven't gotten enough time! 

2005年07月13日(水) 21時37分
a while! that I haven't gotten enought time to drop a line here.
one of my friends live in Thailand, married with Thai girl, has just given a baby
Congrats! to him!! I saw his babY's pictures soooooooo cute! made me so happy. I guess I'm getting old.. when I was a young, I wasn't that interested in any babies.. but now, I can really feel that they are so adorable


2005年07月06日(水) 0時35分
It's raining outside

I shampoo my dog right before. little afraid that if it's rain tomorrow..
she'll be dirty again.. what a waisting time...

day off! 

2005年07月04日(月) 21時28分
Today is my day off. and it's SALE! season!
I woke up this morning, n' changed my clothes really quick and GO!
50%OFF is the biggest OFF here in Japan. I guess.

Greeting Yo! 

2005年07月04日(月) 0時11分
Oops! forgot to introduce myself..

I'm kei.. people call me kei.. you can also call me kei...
Well, this is my first try touching in this kinda internet thing..
also it's writing in ENGLISH!!! I'm sure I have many typo... but tha'd be my charm point!

Enjoy my blog

chabby poppy 

2005年07月03日(日) 23時30分
seems my dog is famous of being fat... here is the conversation about is....

one day, T-bo was inside his mansion's elevator, and saw one dog
T-bo said: I have the same dog. my dog is little bigger than yours
owner said: it can't be that big. no dog is bigger than Kei's dog. Kei's dog is the famous chabby dog here in this town

T-bo counldn't said that Kei's dog actually is his dog..

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