December 26 [Tue], 2006, 7:27
In the first place there are two reasons that went to America.
One is international interchange with a sister city.
One more, it is to do a summer festival in America.
We did a summer festival in mall.
We was before departure to exercise very much.
The public performance was very prosperous.
I had to an encore and was very glad.
After this go home,tomorrow homstayfamily take me a many place.
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December 19 [Tue], 2006, 4:31
Next day, after I am eating breakfast where I went to The house lived in a soldier.
It was rain on that day, but stopped on the way.
However, a visit to park was called off because of the rain.
And there seems to be a considerable animal in this park.
The next, go to a visit of a school.
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December 12 [Tue], 2006, 0:56
Next day, I went to a place of the mayor of Norfolk.
Therefore we handed the thing which this brought from Japan.
The mayor gave a souvenir to us, too.
We went for a sea voyage after having said good-bye to the mayor.
On a ship a dance party was done.and we participated in it.
The lunch was a viking method.
I danced with a person of other countries and was funny.
I went to a museum militarily after a sea voyage was over.
Tools used by war were exhibited here.
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December 04 [Mon], 2006, 0:16
I went from August 17, 2005 to America for homestay.
I rode airplanes of the 1st days.
I met a family of a homestay person on that day and went to their house.AndI was asked by them.「Dinner is a hot dock, OK ?
I answered it Yes.And I took a rest because I was tired on that day.
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November 28 [Tue], 2006, 12:27
Today I introduce family.
I am five family.
I am two brother.
I am one brother


November 21 [Tue], 2006, 11:25
I went to an America. I went to sister City Representative in Neyagawa City.
Sometimes,I am feeling wide the world.
I norrow the world living understood.
American is funny.
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Japanese Food 

October 31 [Tue], 2006, 11:49
My mother make a lunch box every day. It is a delicious.But Unusual I make a lunch box. I put the egg to Sausage to Poultry and Vegitable.So My brother like cookking. My brother cook a delicious^^ Always enjoyed cook. Tommorow How many cooking do it is^^
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