Hot Cup Of Coco <3

December 14 [Tue], 2010, 2:29

Hello, (*^▽^*)

So it's slowly but surely getting colder out .... "Oh joy" I guess it wouldn't be Christmas without snow though, right? It's only 12 more days wow ... and I still have to do my dads and step brothers canvas

Pretty much moneyless at the moment which makes everything so much more disappointing.The little money I have left is going towards my Puppy's new boots and jacket for the winter, Heading out soon with my uncle Shawn to get them today! Lil Bailey will look so dang cute! Let's hope he doesn't chew his booties

I have been hanging out at my uncles the past few days! It's been super fun seeing Shawn, Zach, and Marianne.Pretty much we have just been hanging out at the house, We rented a few movies and made cheesecake!!! which is amazingly delish! The one movie we rented called Inceptions is pretty good!! I know Josh will love it! ... I also watched Public Enemy with Johnny depp <3 which was good, What isn't good that Johnny is in though? haha.

Well I haven't been sleeping to well the past few days I think I'm stress due to the hole job situation, I keep waking up at various times.It rather sucks ._. I think going home and seeing my Joshy will cheer me up! As he never fails too<3

Well I'm heading out to get Baileys jacket and get the items to make curry stir-fry mmmmmm!

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Hmm what to say?

Ahhh,Well my names Jessica
I'm very spontaneous and random.
Hopeless romantic seems to fit me quite well.
I'm still in love with Pokemon and Transformers.
I collect action figure and love comics! :3
My hair is white as snow and I love lolita.
I draw and paint more than I breathe and love watching Anime!!
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