Chu Yan from toward the front of the battlefield

January 15 [Tue], 2013, 11:20
The blow of the ninety-ninth chapter defeated two were doing their best Polo Sport Shorts, there is no trace of the reservation, did not spend any supernatural powers spell is purely their own strength of boom, you want the other person blow bombers kill two light bombers strike in the emptiness of the whole person in Linyi Chen inverted out, the mouth blood injection Canada Goose Citadel Parka Outlet, Northern T'ienti is also good not go there, Linyi Chen blow direct hit from the emptiness above the earth, the ground fell out of a huge pit, the Supreme blood the northern T'ienti slowly stood up, the the hands Nabing sword "click" sound, breaking the two parts, but the face of the northern Emperor of Heaven it is revealing a hint of indescribable proud smile, slowly step forward one step, looked up toward the empty look in the past, opening toward Linyi Chen said dismissively: "Lin Yichen, I said long ago I'm not oriental treat you I will not be lenient, you lost the battle ... "Lin Yichen also stand in the emptiness, listened to the north to the Emperor of Heaven, could not help but mouth revealing a trace of a smile, his mouth slightly open, it seems want to say something, but it is a trace of blood along Linyi Chen mouth slipped down suddenly after spitting out the blood of a whole person, body emptiness soft down, falling down from the sky ... LIU Qing tone look back one, could not help but a surprise, quickly rushed over reaching the Linyi Chen hold up the emptiness fleet Linyi Chen pale body breath disorder to the extreme, met Lin Yichen so long, LIU Qing tone first met Lin Yichen hurt so heavy, could not help but scared LIU Qing tone some rush up ... "I guess I've ... lost the battle ah." Lin Yichen looked up toward the LIU Qing tone glanced , but it is showing a glimmer of wan smile, and head toward the edge of a crooked, they LIU Qing tone arms Weighs past ...... "Yi Chen ...... LIU Qing tone softly calling loudly Linyi Chen fleet Linyi Chen God consensus seems completely disappeared in general, how to call feel LIU Qing sound anxious hearts holding Linyi Chen toward the top of the Shenzhou No. pull back, although the the Need retainers latest chapter northern Emperor of Heaven defeated Lin Yichen, but also by a very severe internal injuries, seeing Linyi Chen receded, but is unable to catching just faded stature, after the army back to the prehistoric heaven go, just go back in the north, the Emperor of Heaven, but to hear in the near Department heard a loud bang, looked up looked, but did not know a few people rushed over toward the side ... side first but it is the palace Warriors the red Seven Brothers also the light that has come to the front of the northern Emperor of Heaven, army stopped at a distance, knelt down toward the northern Emperor of Heaven, but is not talking. "You do a good job choice what?" The northern seven brothers of the Emperor of Heaven looked Palace unparalleled and red, opening faint asked a but like a war just consuming too much physical strength, the whole people are some malaise said something, you no longer speak, just looked up toward the palace Warriors and the red seven of them looking past, seems to be waiting for their answer. "We have to make our own choices, so we will not be back . "red light suddenly began laughing, and said something softly toward the northern Emperor of Heaven, raised his head and glanced toward the endless void opening, said dismissively:" The world does not always allow us to escape at that place to wait for the demise of nothingness, we are soldiers, my Southern veins soldiers can be killed, but definitely not in that there is no hope. "Well ...... go fight it." the northern Emperor of Heaven toward red deep look at one seems to want to be seen among the red eyes just a little, just a long silence, and finally a wave, opening toward the red Chen Sheng said one, look into revealing trace indescribable passionate feeling. Red Yangtianchangxiao physique of a move, it has moved into the army of that Divine rush ahead into the Divine Zhu Qiang has been strong of prehistoric heaven entangled in with the red seven brothers into one beyond the other side of the strong, the par five Wars Emperor's existence, a time to kill between China Zhu Qiang, a round trip, the first thing we've the Mongolian Yuan the four major Regiment to abruptly killing half the four major Army chief is killed on the spot ...... Chu Yan from look real, could not help hearts furious, and now the Great Chu and the Yuan is the same air with sticks, four major Legion and off, etc. If the power of the Divine weakened a lot, Chu Yan from the hearts of not anger, the physique of a move, they rushed up toward the red, in the hands of a long knife suddenly flashed, the metamorphosis of the knife shadow sky, toward the red light directly cut, good-looking Fiction: Pirates of the dream master the latest chapter. " first magic world? "the red looked Chu Yan from the long-knifed over, could not help but cry suddenly Yangtianchangxiao, suddenly taken the first step to reach out and arrested in the past toward Chu Yan from the hands of the long knives, and Chu Yan from the long knife caught in together turned out to be the slightest also not afraid of shaking that powerful blade ... "Even the world first magic rebirth previous years, but now they will not be my opponent, Chu Yan from you more he can beat me. "red Yuehua Jian, suddenly hands hard from Chu Yan threw it out toward the rear. Chu Yan from emptiness flipped around, looked up toward the empty look in the past, the hearts some could not help but slightly surprised, and joined the fray in the Southern heaven's army after the original is struggling to support the Shenzhou army finally is no longer difficult to sustain, with a trace of defeat signs ... "Your Majesty, retire go. Chen Xuan seen Chu Yan from disadvantage, quickly flew to Chu Yan from around glanced toward Chu Yan from opening softly said one look into, but it is also revealing a hint of indescribable complexity look, with unwilling and resentment, but reveals helpless ... "retreat? Divine is great, we retreated to where do you go?" Chu Yan from toward the front of the battlefield glanced timberland cheap, saw the battlefield devastated, the radius of a thousand miles, clustered into sand, everything seems to have been destroyed, Chu Yan from could not help but smile a cry toward Chen Xuan asked: "In the future, our Divine, is not that the way it?" As long as we're alive, the total still have a chance. "Chen Xuan know Chu Yan from the minds of thinking about what could not help but also a slightly red eyes, looked up toward glanced around the devastated earth, mercilessly gritted his teeth, opening toward Chu Yan from said one. Large Chu Jiuyao among the most calm person Chen Xuan Chen Xuan now see this situation, we know that they have no hope to be able to win this victory, if it is not able to exit, then the future throughout the Divine, I'm afraid is on really no hope ...
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