long time no..bla bla

October 07 [Mon], 2013, 22:27
Muistin tunnukset yaploggiin, joten täällä sitä taas ollaan.
Kieli vaihtuu laisk...mukavuussyistä suomeksi! Saatan ehkä poistaa vanhoja merkintöjä,
mutta toisaalta on kiva nostalgisoida vanhoja. JEE!


March 29 [Thu], 2012, 1:42
I'm so lazy to make any collage about spring style inspiration, but here are some photos.

maybe come back or something

March 23 [Fri], 2012, 17:21
I think I should start to blog again. So wish me luck that I can keep
on going! Should I start to write in finnish? I've been writing english for years so it would be refreshing. Some listing about things:


- I'm kinda stressed about summerjob things.... what if I don't get a job?
- AMK-haku.... oh shit.
- It's kinda wierd thought that school ends soon..


- Spring!
- All those cute spring clothes!
- Running can start again
- My birthday is coming I'm so old!
- I'm excited and scared of hell at the same time about future.

Lovely Josephine Skriver, one of my favourite models


June 13 [Mon], 2011, 23:12
Yaplog obviously hates my photos..


May 15 [Sun], 2011, 18:18
I haven't wrote here for a while because of laziness...
Lots of things have happened, my birthday , uncle's b-day
party, mother's day, I've been hanging with Nana + M,
I visited Turku city and yesterday was a barbecue night.
Tomorrow starts summer job......It's hard to wake up so early...
and tonight Finland against Sweden in ice hockey!!!!
Det ska bli spännande!!
And now some photos!

Me + Nana visited flea market and found shitloads of Cosmo-magazines!!

H&M shoes bought in Turku. I'm gonna use these with my
graduation dress (if I don't find better ones) but these
are perfect summershoes anyway.

Luxury bath duck!! That's awesoooooome!
This was a gift from M.

Sweet little bag with floral pattern. Nana-babe gave me this as a
b-day gift.

My wishlist number 1, Daisy eau So Fresh. From my sister.
I also got coconut body butter, wellies, money, ribbons and other nice things.
Thank u all ♥


May 06 [Fri], 2011, 20:29

My sister came here and we have been baking all day.
It's Mother's Day soon so we decided to bake
strawberry cupcakes. (first time ever )

Looking huuuge IRL! They will get pink topping later.

Muru-kitten has spent the whole day outside and I think
she has enjoyed a lot.

New Monki magazine came today! Can't wait to read it.

top 10 (+1) most beautiful

May 05 [Thu], 2011, 2:02
I couldn't decide the order... sorry
But here they are.

Daisy Lowe

Clemence Poesy

Scarlett Johansson

Blake Lively

Kaya Scodelario

Natalia Vodianova

Doutzen Kroes

Natalie Portman

Emma Watson

Jessica Stam

Lily Cole

irregular choice faves...

May 02 [Mon], 2011, 18:12
They are all so cute.... can't decide ;__;
Can you see what they have in common? Red colour and flowers ♥

Heel is amazing!

Alice in Wonderland feeling

This is so extraordinary that it must be beautiful.

Pure perfection....

Giant fabric flower... no other words needed!

Oh my so unique!

Love love the colours!


this week

April 30 [Sat], 2011, 3:35

Most important thing this week! We found good flights & tickets
are paid now. Can't wait..... July, come soon! ♥

Me and Emmi drove to Riihimäki on Wednesday because of
driving school stuff. Our trip was sooo nice!
We listened The Ark loud and there were only few cars on the road
so it was just two of us driving. :D

I scream for ice cream! Coconut flavour = best thing in the world.
Nana's ice cream was strawberry..and something.

Oh my, I didn't remember these white chocosticks were so good.
Luv luv. ♥

Btw, 1. I love The Ark. I've listened it much lately.
2. Tomorrow = Helsinki city ;D 3. Nana loves Raul Ruutu.

spring feeling

April 22 [Fri], 2011, 2:05
Today was a perfect spring day.
I was finally able to use my cute red spring jacket.
Me and Nana went to a café and we also visited some travel
agencies. It seems to be almost impossible to find good
and cheap fligts to London and ok hotel...

I love these cute daffodils.

Mama is growing some peas in our kitchen.

I bought this new SOLO MODE mag last week.
It's kinda good, but it's a pity it will be published very rarely.

LOL.. These are called Mike & Ike fruit beans.
Soooooooo goooood! Strawberry & mango ones are my faves. ♥
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