o la mae wa? 

June 26 [Sun], 2005, 3:29
hagimimashide,watashi wa katie desu,watashi wa Hong Kong jin desu~~>.<

ok, if that make sense to you, reply me~~


June 26 [Sun], 2005, 3:25

it takes 4eva 2 get xanga rite, g! sooooooooo annoyin!! now i start 2 write sumthin in eng., lets hope it wont b long, i dun fink any1 wud av da mood 4 essays...yea neither do i av da mood 2 WRITE a piece of essay~~

i fink marGet is rite, i shud realli, jus CALM DOWN-not dat i can do it neway.. o, wt the!

anyway, day is gd so far, cept here aint no sun around-shy i s'pose, dats all they eva say~ heard dat theres floodin in HK, quite worryin actually, o, n in taiwan 2~~~

cant believe i m actually typin dis.. o m g, yea rite i ve gone crazy-i no.. dun remind me abt it...




i dun~~(well, not exactli)coz i dun exactli leave a diary ere everyday, c, dis is me ey?! if u av a look da diary entries below, u ll find there r several @diaries@ under 1 date~~ me? i consider xanga like a news centre coz i can always get all sorts of info ere, surely everythin i wana no, a gd communicate centre i say~

today, is another day of boredom! i notice: apart fr stayin infront of da PC, i av nth else 2 do-WEIRD~~ s'pose i can always find meself sumth 2 do, but, let's say i jus cudnt b bother 2 get me ass off da chair-"couch potato"(miss easterbrook!)

now g8, im jus gona @explore@ ppl on9.----- dis is known as @killin da time@, probabli at da same time wastin it but yea....

o, needa watch a chinese series 8ta, me bros wana watch it on me PC!!!!!


June 24 [Fri], 2005, 22:56
Heya!! 2day is such a gd day n i m lovin it! u c, i found dis new blog site yea, everything is sooooo sweet here, dun wana leave~~~ i wish ppl cud read me or @ me... lol~ not really askin much since i aint japanese~~

2 b perfectly honest, i m chinese, but i live in England~~

o er, btw, i love S,H,E, if any1 shares da same interest, contact me @



June 24 [Fri], 2005, 22:28
This is sooooooooooo cute!!!! i'm lovin it!!!
funny how the way i don't do japanese but i have a website!!! wow!!!
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