pleasure ... release .

October 29 [Tue], 2013, 10:37
Just because I like it, like here to view space , eager for a friend 's message in these networks , the access to inadvertently get a little warm ! Not know since when , I love sad words , like to see pictures of melancholy , like to listen to sad songs , g-suite manchester like the touch of pathos , and that touch of sadness ...... the sad words , the touch of sadness , a touch of moving, faint heart ...... I like to be surrounded by a faint feeling of sadness , like the text where the flow of emotion, pathos ...... those sad pictures quietly impress me , makes me sad !

A picture of people 's eyes , full of the most real emotions , so sad, so sad, but I always feel like this , to be touched , infected with a sad feeling ...... sad pictures accompanied the text , matched with sad songs , always makes me hopelessly in love , pictures of every detail, every word , jumping in front of me , my mind is always instant defense collapsed, my heart also will be sad, followed moved, feeling sad experience , it is immersed in the network release their own , they will be in the network met some special people , and their fascination with space for me , my heart with their avatar , and perhaps have some deep emotion, may have everything is gone, no one whom to stay , it is impossible to follow away, hurried encounter g-suite in oldham, then rush to leave.

However, also insisted linger in the network , not why, but for his heart looking for a free space on the ground , it's that simple, I like the color blue is depression . Like the color of my space , I might be alone somewhere doomed , doomed I 'll fall in love with melancholy , Fall in love with sad. In fact, I was not sad, just like the sad words , like listening to sad songs , I also do not sad, just crush those sad ..... we are all mortal, are worldly , everyone's relief in a different way , find a space for their release , with the tranquility of that party inclusive reality of chaos miscellaneous Wu , resolve all the coke filter confused, g-suite cardinal manchester let one's mind to keep Kongshan Qingming , keeping a soul of their own eternal Pure Land ! Net sea fog, mortal beings, the virtual network , erected a perfect barrier , among the vast network of sea , feeling relaxed feel spiritual exile pleasure ... pleasure ... release .
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