High chromium cast ball is close to abroad level

June 12 [Tue], 2012, 12:14

High chromium cast ball is close to abroad level


In advantage of local resources, to develop multi-alloy grinding balls with Ti, V, W and Cu, B,, of Mo, Re, etc., and apply successfully in a number of mineral beneficiation plant.

(I) phosphor copper titanium low-alloy cast balls. Dashi and water plant of Shougang Mining Company concentrator in φ2700 mm x 3600 mm, Sec mill iron and steel production plants in Yunnan Chuxiong Lu Feng φ50 mm Phosphor Bronze Titanium low alloy casting ball, ball consumption of the original quenched cast iron ball of 1.02 kg / t reduced to 0 88 kg / t, the annual processing ore l The IOO million t meter section of the ball 100t, realization of benefits I50 Wan.

(2), Cr, Cu 2 'alloy casting ball. Wuhan Iron and Steel Daye iron ore concentrator Tongling City Malleable Iron φ2700 mm x 3600 mm, Sec mill production of φ60 mm, Cr, Cu 2 'alloy casting ball, the ball consumption decreased 0.32 kg / t -.

(3) high-carbon low-chromium tungsten forged steel ball. Dexing Copper Mine Nanchang Iron & Steel Factory production of high-carbon low-chromium tungsten forged steel ball, use φ3200 mm x 3100 mm, ball mill, ball consumption the former Putan ball 1.555 kg / t reduced to 0.73 kg / t. Jiangxi Copper Mine of the level of high-carbon low-chromium tungsten φ5030 mm × 6400 mm Mill forged steel ball, the ball consumption of the original 17 kg the / t reduced to 1.32 kg / t,.

D. High chrome casting ball (center) dry grinding of working conditions in large and medium-sized cement plants, power grinding coal and other industrial sectors, the use of the effect is close to the level of foreign

The high chrome casting balls of cement mill consumption level: Germany 16-40 / t cement, 25-40 S / t cement. Some Western European cement companies of Cr 12% of the high chromium cast ball, the ball consumption of 65 110 faint / t -; containing Cr.17% 15 / t cement industry in China forging balls consumption of 300 500 g / t, The high chrome casting balls of 40 to 60 g / t.

For the development of the production of cast ball in Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province Mine Friends of wear-resistant material (Group) Co., Ltd. on June 8, 1996, the introduction of advanced metal horizontal casting of cast ball production process, with an annual output of 30000 t the ferrochrome cast ball production line has been completed and put into production.

E. Iron ore concentrator, concentrator colored, three sections of grinding the ore and cement, electricity coal grinding vigorously carry out the testing and application of high carbon, high carbon or multicomponent alloys, low chromium materials baseball or casting and forging shaped media

(1) Quenching baseball high-carbon steel after rolling. Anshan Iron and Steel Mining Company to promote the restructuring and re-rolling cut head rolled high carbon steel coffee Dagushan, bow Changling concentrator three sections mill after rolling of 30 mm, the x40 mm the Quenching baseball, the two plants New Year ball 3 500t, the effectiveness of 3.42 million yuan / 8.

(2) low chrome alloy segments. Angang Dagushan Concentrator Ningguo Factory production of wear-resistant materials of φ35 mm x45 mm and φ25 mm x 35 mm, low chrome alloy segments, and by the song of 2700 mm x 2100 mm and φ2700 mm × 3600 mm, Sec mill, the former The ball consumption Mn-containing in the original cast ball of 0.64 kg / t reduced to 0.221 kg / t, the latter ball consumption of White Plains 30 mm Carbon Ball 0.53 ks is / t reduced to 0.221 kg / t,.

Φ25 mm x 35 mm low-chromium alloy in paragraph (3) Tangshan Iron and Steel Miaogou iron ore concentrator in φ1500 mm x 3000 mm, Sec mill, ball consumption by the φ40 mm ordinary forged steel ball of 1.05 kg / t reduced to 0.70 kg / classification overflow -0 074 mm content of 3%.