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March 20 [Wed], 2013, 17:35
On the product and less chance of it dripping off the stick.

I always spread the mascara thickly and clumpy looking on the lashes just to make sure that even tiny bit of eyelash is covered with the dye. It can take around 10 minutes to apply the product to both sets of eyelashes top and bottom. It them says to leave the dye on the lashes for around 10 minutes but I sometimes go over this just to make sure it really has taken well.

After the waiting time has passed removing the 30 day mascara can be pretty easy but you have to really make sure not to get any in your eye as this really does sting quite a bit. I use more cotton buds to take the dye off and just use a little bit of warm water. This does use up quite a few cotton buds but I do think that it is the most effective way of getting all the dye off. You could use a cotton wool pad but again be careful not to get the dye on your eyelids or under your eyes.

After removing the dye you are able to see the results straight away and I do think it look brilliant. The way you put the mascara on the lashes does make a difference and I try to get the top lids looking as though I have applied eye liner as I dye the lashes so close to the root and the eyelid that it appears as if liner has been applied.

It really does make the lashes stand out a lot more and I find especially my bottom lashes which are a lot fairer that the top set look a cheap jordan 7 lot more prominent. I would still use normal mascara if I was going.

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