February = Killer 

2009年02月08日(日) 1時53分
I'm damn stressed .___. Damn stressed. Damn stressed. Damn. Stressed. Damn.

PSY201 proposal due this Wednesday, PSY203 essay due this Tuesday (2 pages only phew but have to do a lot of reading), PSY204 paper due this Friday (min. 1k words), THREE mid term papers next week, Japanese test this Tuesday, PSY203 presentation discussion, PSY201 content analysis discussion, MCH215 assignment 2.... blablabla #@^%^$^&@#%@$^@^ WTH ;_____;

Plus there'll be a bunch of replacement classes on the coming Saturdays .______. And MORE assignments and presentations to come in March.

For my own reference:

[PSY 201]
>> Content Analysis (11%) <-- Due 16th Mar
>> Project (30%)
- Experimental attendance list by 23rd Mar
- Lab report by 30th Mar
- Mock presentation by 1st Apr
- Colloquium @ 
4th Apr

[PSY 203]
>> Mid Term @ 20th Feb (30%)
>> Assignment 1 (3%) - Review on " The Children of Palestine" by 10th Feb
>> Presentation (30%) @ 24th Feb

>> Replacement class on 14th Feb from 9am - 12pm
>> Mid Term @ 17th Feb from 12pm - 2pm (30%)
>> Essay on "Teenage Pregnancy" (20%) by 13th Feb [1000 - 1500 words]
>> Research Proposal (15%) by 10th Apr [2000 - 2500 words]

>> Mid Term @ 17th Feb from 4pm - 6pm (20%)
>> Replacement class on 14th Mar (Sat) from 9am - 12pm
>> Triage counseling (25%) by 17th Mar
>> Development logbook (10%) by  14th Apr

>> Assignment 1 (20%) by 6th Feb
>> Assignment 2 (20%) by 6th Mar
>> Assignment 3 (20%) by 10th Apr


Somemore I have to attend a meeting tomorrow... will try to go home earlier T____T And skip reunion dinner maybe.

Meow X3 

2009年01月21日(水) 1時48分

I think it's so cute that I can't resist not to post it in my LJ as well. Plus, my LJ looks like it's dying compared to my other blog which I update almost everyday X3 So far so good, I'm proud that I'm keeping the project up till now, way to go XD~!

Tuesdays are always busy days for me, but I really had a great day today. Awesome lecturers have awesome classes, and it's so awesome that it makes you want to learn more to the point that you may even think that 3 hours lecture is SHORT!

I had class from 10am till 8pm today and I only had 1 hour of break. Thankfully the first class was just a tutorial class, and it was kinda pointless because we were dismissed like 45 minutes earlier. Then I had PSY204 class from 12pm to 3pm, and PSY209 class from 3pm to 6pm, in the SAME hall and SAME seat. Aww my poor butt XD;;

For PSY204, the topic this week is about brain and cognitive development in adolescence (sounds damn interesting, no?) I like the fact that Dr. Goh gave a lot of examples and brought up related issues that's happening in other countries as well. It makes you think. Not just "think', but "think" as in... as you keep thinking, you keep digging and going further, then it connects to another issue, and makes you think deeper again, then you might want to adapt it to a culture or a country while taking the social norms and yadayada into consideration, then you ask, "Why like this? Why like that? Why can't it be this way?", then you change to another perspective and keep thinking, then you try to relate it other things, and heck it makes sense, so you keep thinking and exploring from different perspectives, and in the end, it seems like everything is connected in someway or another 8D BUT NOOOOOOO! It doesn't stop right there~!! You still keep thinking as the class continues, then your lecturer throws in more interesting facts and you will have to ASSIMILATE and ACCOMODATE your database again and again, then you know more, you understand more and you will go, "OoooOOooooOOOOoooo", then I'll get so amused and excited that I'm dying to know more! XD HAHAHAHA SORRY I GOT TOO EXCITED 8D That's what I'd been through during class. Really, 3 hours seemed too short to me today~!!

And Counseling Skills class is FUN too! As quoted by our lecturer, "This class is to help you to discover the Indian side in you 8D" (in a jokingly manner of course, the truth is, it's better if the counselor is more to the introvert side). Being a counselor is definitely NOT an easy job as it may seems. We had a lot of "What if...." scenario sessions today, and Mr. Eric never fails to amuse us with his sense of humor XD;; I'm glad I'm taking this class~

CNY is around the corner and I have no new clothes =( Will be going out tomorrow to hunt for some.


2009年01月15日(木) 4時21分
...... what's wrong with me today ;_____; *achoo*

*drums roll* Tadaaaa~~ this is my Ipod Touch desu! I named it Ryuu-kun please don't ask why XD;;

It's 16GB and I got it for RM1200 at Sg. Wang on last Sunday. Can you believe that EVERY stores (around 20) I asked in Low Yat was out of Ipod Touch!? I even went to the Apple Store in Lot 10 but the girl told me that they just sold off the last one, JUST right before I came in D8 I was about to give up when my dad reminded me that there's a "IT floor" located in Sg. Wang XD;; Finally I got it there, plus it's RM29 cheaper ;P It's addictively fun and there're a lot more applications which I haven't checked out yet XD;; Graphic, needless to say, is superb XD

Ryuu-kun can be considered as my Seijin no Hi (成人の日)'s present and also my late birthday present >___> Thanks dad, I'll treasure it.

I'll be quite busy this semester as I'm taking 5 subjects at one go. Like I said, I'll definitely survive this semester, but the process will be a pain. My favourite subjects this semester would be "Intercultural Communication" and "Adolescent and Adult Development". Ms. Winnie already gave me a heart attack when she suddenly gave us 3 pop quizzes in one row during the second class ORZ.

Speaking of college, I'll be spending time with Dr. Goh during Valentine's Day this year hehe /shy + *turns around blushes* + /whee ........ I MEAN, we'll be having a replacement class on Valentine's Day , which falls on a SATURDAY D8 Noooooooo~!!! It's not like I have any plan that day but I would prefer to sleep longer on a Saturday. Anyhow, I expect more replacement classes to be coming soon because of the public holidays that fall in Jan....

And speaking of classes, my Tuesdays' and Fridays' schedule are the worst. *headwall* It makes me hate Fridays now.

Jya, I'm going off now .____. Oh yeah, my Project 365 is still ongoing 8D

Quick post before I go to bed 8D 

2009年01月10日(土) 0時34分
I'd been absent for days but I ASSURE you that I'm not dumping my Project 365, I DO take photos everyday, just that I'm busy/lazy to post them up XD;; Will be "backlogging" everything in one shot tomorrow. And my blog will be under renovation until I fix the comment codes >___>;; Me no no like HTML cis ;____;

Wheee~~ See my new slipper~
Isn't it pretty? ^o^ My mom got it for me~ Wahahaha~ Lalalala~~ Babadada~~ Well, if you think those are my legs then you are very WRONG! Cis I'm not that thin. I'm not that fair. I'm not that hairless. Yes, those are my brother's sexy legs desu ORZ. You'd been fooled by my slipper 8D

I should've saved this and post it during April's Fool actually.

#5 - First class of the year 

2009年01月05日(月) 0時33分

I don't like classes that end at 6:00pm because I'll have to go through jams to get home.
First class of the year turned out fine, I'm kinda glad that Ms. Winnie is teaching us for 'Advanced Research Methodology' this semester. It's unlikely for me to fall asleep in her class because I'm afraid of her AND her pop quizzes XD;; In fact, she already freaked me out today when she explained the course outline and the assignments/projects to us. ORZ it's depressing when thinking about the amount of workload I'm going to have in a few weeks time... I can't afford to procrastinate anymore this time.

As for 'Educational Psychology', I'm taking it as an elective this semester. Yareyare, it's another subject with heavy workload. I have to conduct a small group tutoring @___@ (anything I'm good at?) AND create a ORIGINAL educational GAME that focuses on Math and Science and the game should be able to be played by at least 6 people. Well, if the game sells, I can make a profit out of it 8D I'm serious. Just that it'll go under HELP's name, ceh =____=

By the way, it's Teppei's birthday today ^___^ (I mean yesterday, 5th of Jan. For me, the day doesn't end until I sleep XD) Happy Birthday my dear boy boy ^O^/ Still so cute X3!

I think I'm creating another blog just for Project 365 too =P   has a good point there, I don't want to spam your f-list plus it looks more organized that way XD;;
Okay, gotta sleep soon. I'm looking forward to Dr. Goh's class tomorrow too XD /whee


2009年01月04日(日) 0時32分

Hai hai, my table is still as messy as ever.
I'm watching Yukan Club now, my eyelids are heavy (I only had 2.5 hours of sleep!) but I can't wait to finish the series XD;; Thanks to Michele for the VCDs! After this, Gokusen II will be next!

On a happier note, class will be starting tomorrow~ (I hate holidays for some reasons because my circadian rhythm is seriously screwed up during this period. I can only fall asleep when the sun rises) So far my timetable is doing justice to me this semester, I could even have Wednesday and Thursday off as well if I were to stick with my original plan but it's not confirmed yet though.


2009年01月03日(土) 0時31分
Wheee~~ I'm happily tired XD Went to Fred's birthday + farewell party today. He'll be leaving for US to further his study and he said he might not be coming back for 2 years ._____. Aww. Our cute rabbit mascot T___T On the other hand, I really enjoyed myself today and it was so nice seeing my friends again~ Muakz muakz muakz how I miss you guys \T_____T/ Never been this relax and crapped so much for a long time already >3< As usual, more photos @ my Facebook

Birthday boy Frederick surrounded by Lenglui-tachi

Happy Birthday! Have a safe trip, study hard and have fun!!
And introduce some hot guys to me please hahahaha


2009年01月02日(金) 0時31分


おいしいからといって飲みすぎてはいけないわね。 >w<

Love the aroma <3!

Project 365 #1 

2009年01月01日(木) 0時27分
I now declare that....

PROJECT 365 SUTA-TO!  *throws confetti* ^o^

Maa, I was late yesterday but here's the first picture of the year!

Japanese greetings during the END and START of the year ^O^/ (I hope it's clear @___@;;)

From the casual to the polite to the more polite to the more more polite to the most polite to the most politest form XD;;


明けましておめでとうございます。 昨年は大変お世話になりました。 今年も宜しくお願いいたします。


Bye 2008, Hi 2009 

2008年12月31日(水) 23時30分
There's exactly 30 minutes left before year 2008 came to an end.

2008 had been pretty plain for me, not much happenings, not much memorable events. In fact, I can't really think of any now. I'd been quite 'anti-social' according to my parents. "Why are you always sitting at home? GO OUT LA" was the usual quote. There were many disappointments in 2008, perhaps I wasn't trying hard enough or I was too greedy. But I'm so used to the same outcomes that I have nothing to wish for year 2009.

Picture taken by me on last Sunday at Kuala Selangor =)
See you 2008!

Welcome 2009!
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