The eye and the computer fluorescent screen's distance must maintain above 60 centimeters.

December 19 [Mon], 2011, 13:10
The pregnant woman do not wear the contact lenses to pass through the domestic and foreign scholars to study the discovery recently, the gestational pregnant woman cornea's water content is higher than the average man, if wears the contact oakley minute, easy, because the oxygen deficit causes the cornea dropsy, thus initiation cornea inflammation, ulcer, even causes to lose one's sight finally. At the same time, pregnant woman's cornea curvature also changes along with the being pregnant cycle and individual physique, makes nearsightedness's number of degree to increase or the reduction. If wears the contact lenses reluctantly,

because of ill creates the eyeball newborn blood vessel obvious damage easily, even causes epithelia corneal flaking. Moreover, once the contact lenses are unclean, extremely easy to multiply the bacterium, creates the cornea inflammation, ulcer, even loses one's sight. How operates computer's person " Loves eye " oakley clearance with computer's popularization, operates the computer is nearly the modern people lives an essential part. Because many people work the need, must gaze at the computer fluorescent screen all day, such time steadily, very easy eye strain, even induces other ophthalmopathies, like glaucoma and so on.

Therefore, operates computer's person should frequently to pay attention to the eye health care. Then, how frequently operates computer's person to carry on the eye health care? Generally thought that must pay attention to following several points: Avoids the long time continuous-running computer, the attention middle oakley sunglasses clearance. Usually the continuous-running 1 hour, rests 5~10 minutes. When rest may look that the distant place or makes ocular gymnastics. Maintains the good work posture. Maintains a most suitable posture, causes both eyes to horizontally view or mild gazes at the fluorescent screen downward, like this may cause the pate muscle to be relaxed, and causes the eyeball to expose the area reduces lowly to the air. Maintains the suitable work distance.

The eye and the computer fluorescent screen's distance must maintain above 60 centimeters. Creates and maintains the good working condition. Environment's optical fiber must be gentle, computer fluorescent screen's brightness must be suitable, the clarity is friends with, the furniture must highly with computer's discount oakley sunglasses match. If presents the eye to do astringent, blushes, has scalding hot or has the sense, the eyelid heavy, looks at the thing to be fuzzy, even presents the eyeball painfully swollen or the headache, after the rest, still not obviously changed for the better, that needed to arrive at the hospital to look at ophthalmologist.
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