Merry Christmas 

2008年12月25日(木) 0時12分
I have found a good blog space below.

Please come and see my new blog here.


2008年11月29日(土) 17時15分
I went to volunteer and went out for lunch together with my friends there.

Smart cat ?? 

2008年11月26日(水) 17時12分
Notary always wakes me up by poking my face from sitting on my chest.
Recently the time is settled around 6:40 and this timing is perfect for me.

But this morning, I needed to get up one hour earlier to have a conference call with Toronto where has a big time difference from Japan.

So last night, I told Naotaro to wake me up one hour earlier.

Then, he poked me very early and made me think he was a genius cat. was two hours earlier.

Oh, close.


2008年11月23日(日) 17時10分
Had dinner with my friends who used to work at Starbucks with me.Two of them are still working. One friend had finally got pregnant after two years of infertility treatment !!She loves kids and actually works as a child minder but had been suffering.
So we were all happy about her news.
We have nice oysters in Hiroshima.

Status in Israel 

2008年11月22日(土) 17時04分
I have guided two times and was really tired today. In the morning, I had a 30-year-old guy from Israel who is traveling around Japan by himself for one month.
He said that Israel is facing a threat of Iran right now.
They had very complicated religious background and have been having really bad relationships.
Iran says that they are ready to use a nuclear weapon against Israel so Israel also has a nuclear weapon so that they can attack Iran as soon as they are attacked.

He said ' But it's so stupid'.I truly agreed.

How they need those stupid weapons.
It only kills innocent people, and make their environments far worse.
How can people be so stupid.He also said people has shelters in their houses in Israel and gas masks were provided to all people some years ago.

I feel that for most people in Japan, nuclear weapon sounds really far. But people in the middle east, it happens now !!
I wondered how he saw those exposed items or personal mementosfrom victims of the bombs.

I really hope they will stop fighting soon.

My birthday party 

2008年11月08日(土) 20時09分
Kaz has gone to Okinawa, southern island of Japan, as his company trip.
He will be away for three days.

I, as usual, went out for my volunteer and guided 8 middle aged men from Nagoya.
They were my father's age and seemed really happy to have me, young lady?, as a guide.

After my volunteer, I headed for one of my best friends' apartment to have Nabe party. We did the same thing last year, but having Nabe with friends is quite common here.

Dessert was.... my birthday cake !
I am very lucky to have them as my best friends.

Happy 33 

2008年11月05日(水) 20時12分
It's my birthday today.
I have just turned 33 year-old !!

I've got a birthday card at my office.

I got my birthday cake on my way home, but when I got home,
there was a bouqet by the door

We went out for dinner together.
And have a dessert after coming home.

economical status 

2008年11月04日(火) 21時09分
World is in recession...
The company I am working for now has severe impact due to appreciating yen since it depends on exporting.
Anyway, the business condition is not bright especially for automotive industry due to the economical status and oil prices.
That is why the annual conference which I had been preparing has been cancelled...

Mazda is one of major companies in Hiroshima and we have many companies involved in automotive industry.
Now they are desperate to reduce their cost and started to disemploy part-time workers at factories, decrease the productions....etc..

One of the ideas is not to let the employees to work overtime.
So people is coming home on time these days, and of course Kaz is.
His office finishes 30 minutes earlier than mine, and he is already at home when I come back recently.
I just don't like it

He used to work overtime and come back home around 8 to 9.
I liked it because I need my time alone to have a cup of coffee relaxed after coming back home from my job around 6:15.

I really need the economy recovered in many means.

Cultural Day 

2008年11月03日(月) 21時04分
It's Japanese national holiday called 'cultural day'.
I didn't know this until last year, but many cultural places like museum are opened free on this day.

I have never taken advantage of this opportunity though... Kaz needed to go for work and I still couldn't get rid of my cold,I stayed home whole day with Naotaro and watched Americandrama called ' Damage', which was nice.


2008年11月01日(土) 21時01分
Went out for my volunteer.

It's my favorite to have a breakfast alone at Cafe on Saturday morning.
Kaz went out earlier to practice softball.
I think it's very nice for us to have different interests and time apart.

I still had sore throat and didn't know if I could guide people today with my bad condition, but I found out it was impossible for me to do this today after 30 minutes try in the museum.

So I left at noon with my volunteer friend and went for lunch together.
She and I have a lot in common like we both had experience abroad, living with a husband and no kids, working...etc.
But our married life and thoughts are big different and talking to her is really interesting.

My favorite Vietnamese restaurant
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