The student council 

2005年09月09日(金) 22時53分

I did the work of the student council very hard so I was very very tierd.And I couldn't do club activities the cause of the student council's work.


2005年09月08日(木) 22時43分
I didn't sleep well because I was getting up late last night.


2005年09月02日(金) 21時27分
Today,I took exams...It were dificult for me and I failed(?) a English test.Because I didn't study it.

Today was very hot day. 

2005年09月01日(木) 22時29分
Today was very hot day and my school started from today.I saw my classmates 久しぶりに。

I went to Kawagoe with Mother. 

2005年08月30日(火) 20時57分
Today was the hospital for my mother's engagement(用事).She's had a backache for a year.


2005年08月29日(月) 20時50分
Today,I had studied English hard with my friend at the Mac for 3 hours.I was very tired.He was very tired,too.笑 But we had a lovely time at the Mac.

I haven't seen her for a long time. 

2005年08月28日(日) 20時23分
I saw my friend whose name is Saori in nursery school(保育園).I hadn't seen her for 5 years.Today,we went to Sibuya,we bought new clothes and we went Disney store,too.We had a very very nice day.I want to see her again.

Muscular pain 

2005年08月25日(木) 23時30分
Today,I became muscular pain,and in addition,I played dance very very hard for three hours.I'll become muscular pain again.

I was very very tired... 

2005年08月24日(水) 1時53分
Today,I was very tired because I played dance very hard.So I wanted to go to bed.But I had to call (to?) my friends...
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