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May 08 [Wed], 2013, 10:09
Here can say with certainty tell everyone, The sunglasses must to wear, especially in is under the the the situation of the the sun is strong Tei, this may, from time to light is, In order to beautiful, decorative, wearing that the sunglasses there are are Many of the benefits of ground, take a look at the the film is how to say, why non-Dai?

This is because the sunglasses main function is cheap Oakley sunglasses to block the light to avoid excessive harmful UV rays into the eye, causing injury. In the summer, put on your sunglasses: You can reduce the regulatory burden of the ciliary muscle of the eye in bright light, people eye to see objects in the habit of natural light, this time is the human eye is most comfortable when the second: sunglasses, not only to block harmful rays, in windy weather, it can prevent the dust particles particles into the eyes of the people, to some extent, will become the best eye haven . According to the the Determination of of the Relevant experts, in the 96 since the years of, the sunspot activity more and more frequently, lead to the the human body injury of of UV on the is is also growing, in particular, inform the due to the sunshine time is long, not is in our country Qinghai, Tibet and other plateau region,, so here the most vulnerable to ultraviolet injury, therefore, the people living in these areas in particular should bring sunglasses.

Sunglasses earliest times, there is only one big box, the kind of lens, because it looked a lot like the frog's eyes, so when it was also called a yurt, round, and the colors are only one black, not anymore like we have here several broadside, narrow, square, park, long, migraine has color more red, green, yellow, amber, candidates have eyes grow dim, now 20, great choice, but not the mind, not what color eyes you like sunglasses bring and not necessarily right for you, the first is that the sunglasses color problems.
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