perhaps precisely because of this weird physique

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 10:44
Yiming do not know that back, gold campaign is certainly tempted. This volts born a fighting mad, no promotion Venerable before it is already strong in the Shura Road. He does not find people contest had people the best of luck, and now someone knocks on your door, although the place is not inside the celestial palace, but he was still like playing chicken like excited. However, contrary to Yiming unexpected gold campaign eyes of a condensate, even directly asked: "Zhuxiong that two how to call, can Nanjiang first Warriors Lijiang Feng?" Zhu eighty-seven face a tight, said; "Yes, one of whom is the Lijiang Feng He this time trip Guiku Ridge, after breaking the limit, Advanced Venerable with his counterparts of the people ..." Zhu eighty-seven face revealing a trace smile, said: "There are a two see for yourself." He Yiming asked softly: "Golden brother, Lijiang Feng what you played him what gold campaign solemn nod, said:" This person is in before, has been promoted to the Venerable is the first master of the southern border recognized Venerable following. "He Yiming translucent heart Canada Goose Reversible Vest, this status even in the southern and gold campaign similar to those in the large Shen, in that case, to the gold Battle personality, if the client was incensed over his was called wonder why." I have played him once Budokan Miao as indeed amazing. "Gold campaign in the eyes of passing hint of color yield, said:" that war is one of the most difficult battle of my life in hundreds of war, although the final lucky enough to win a move, but has also been committed, no longer without the slightest left hand. "He Yiming slightly nodded his head Canada Goose Camrose Parka, and he was heard for the first time a gold campaign gives such a high evaluation hearts slightly, Yiming asked:" this person than the blood of Hao Yu dust-how? "The two men in the past is also a large application within the master after gold campaign and promotion Venerable never contest, but to see how they are this generation tip of the top children master gold campaign pondered a moment slightly shook his head and said: "If a single repair in terms of three of them is almost the same. But defended not afraid of dying spirit of Yu blood and dust-woo not quite children, at the time of death Competing momentum a bit going down in the next wind. "Yiming eyes flashed a trace of a strange light, so figures, of course, to see this. Zhu eighty-seven long ago to the side hear is gripped with their mouth, said several people are coming statue is coming Venerable, but in them these lifelong hopeless reached Venerable eyes, these people how unattainable. Zhu eighty-seven seems Tude remembered, in front of the two also has entered the His Holiness the ranks among the San contingent had previously been acquaintances, but it seems that they have lost their fraternizing with their qualifications. lowered his head slightly, Zhu eighty-seven, hearts Subway intersection emotional pressure down, said: He Venerable, gold Venerable Lijiang Feng is the main peak of the Mid-Levels negotiating two had better go up a concept. Yiming long laugh loudly, Road; "of course, going to, Zhuxiong, let's go." He just noticed the Zhu eighty-seven his face subtle changes, also noticed he verbally name change. Go out traveling, he was a profound experience to the position occupied by the personal strength in this world. This is already a consensus, no one can be easily changed, he only follow the crowd, go with the flow. Perhaps this is not fair for those who can never promoted Venerable, and those who do not have the talent of people above the Budokan, but in this wonderful thing, cheat kids, was not fair thing. Now the future also. The crowd Rumbler fast in Zhu eighty-seven led, no artificial blocking the plate before hearing. Very body, they have come to Tianchi main peak. Looked at the huge mountain of this towering sky Yiming gently sigh a Zhuo r, first came here, he just concisely the two spend the thin strip of sky visible, but also precisely with the help observe this peaks, before he realized that the third flower soil flower. Now all they like over countless years similar to his heart filled with emotion. Binaural slightly provocative Yiming Yaran said: "They turned in a more technical field? Tianchi main vein than the technical field is the old mountains Tabitha place there but the Tianchi main peak of the powerhouse, in addition to the mountains Tabitha kinds of important occasions, basically does not open, but this time, from Yiming hear situation, they are there a test. the Zhu eighty-seven look of awe and said: "Men of His Holiness have indeed large than the technical field. "He Yiming one he called, suddenly relieved a number of them, but they are coming Venerable Venerable brought together a Tianchi a pulse in order to show respect for these stations to the human peak of the strong, open more technical field that is taken for granted. Whitehorse light hiss loudly, seems to be indescribable excitement. Yiming it turned suddenly a hand gently stroked its back few. lightning also felt from fighting on the front - side, look at it like, also seems to want to go to battle this point let Yiming quite a headache, how their side, are fighting mad Ah Zhu eighty-seven with everyone forward, came to the more technical field At this point, the whole than the technology field is empty, less than a hundred people are eligible to spectators here, these people actually are reach the master of the realm of birth. stage, the same dozen people sitting or standing, their daylight cohesion in the contest venue center - for the other, seems to have no interest. Yiming eyes they the body of a pick over, saw Yu impermanence and other people who are all in attendance. stage there are a few we've never met, but at the moment able to got on a high platform, certainly are Venerable identity., however, all eyes soon be at the space center that the warring to attract the two had played against, Yiming patients, which is a very ripe It is in that he hated extremely, and she harbored murderous Hao blood. his play against the people, it is an overgrown beard, face Punch Titanic, a pair of eyes is like a baby the size of a fist Frankenstein. weeks in their body is enveloped with a layer of bright red Yiming face and gold campaign immediately dignified up, saw this scene, they all understand, the battle between the two men has reached the most critical point of the forces who braided body weeks obviously the strength of the fire department, but also to achieve a degree of scoop peak of the fire department, Look at it seems is always jumping faint flames, the hearts of the crowd could not help but want to jump along j $ fire forces manipulated to this point, but also regarded as precious difficult course, blood pooling in the top of the Budo repair is equally trivial matter, although the red of his body weeks is far better than the other seem pomp full, but they have a son Yin Cece feeling when everyone staring too long, will have an extreme nausea, vomiting feeling you want, and the whole body fatigue, seemed to lie down to be able to fall asleep like. the Yiming know, this is the blood-based power special abilities if the repair just is not enough, mind will not be strong, then the with HAO blood hands, even the dead do not know how., at the moment the blood pooling encountered opponents not only Budokan repair extremely strong, and he heart Chi-kin if the rock simply would not have had the slightest waver. both of them in the hands of weapons is quite odd, Hao blood using a very fine long-term, this long-term do not know what things made unique sway between the shot when it is hard to detect. the opposite who Tahan root very obvious long-term fear. Han weapons in the hands of turned out to be a mace. huge stick up to ten feet two feet, actually drum and HE Yiming the mark the knife evenly matched. inch-long black stick head has dense bend small thorn in dreamland, anyone know a look to an intimate contact with these small thorn, the consequences will certainly be disastrous. He Yiming looked a moment, his eyes once again fell into the hands of Flanagan long-term top Hao blood. Shortly after, his eyebrows a Young whispered: "clotting silk. The Gold Battle olive doing hesitated and said: "You know the clotting silk?" Yiming large odd, asks rhetorically: "Do you know how gold campaign casually said:" We are inside the celestial palace disciples walking the world, back The narrative must go through some understanding among the world's outstanding service cheat, know clotting wire is not surprising. Yiming nodding, underground passage in mind, a martial art as rely, is good. Greet the eyes of gold campaign asked the Yiming softly: "I see from clotting by the gold campaign suck down cold lump hissing, said:" He brother clotting by the first such high-handed world power law, if no learning coagulation technique, then watch coagulation by certainly would have been back to bite them Canada Goose Calgary Jackets Discount, and mad eventually died. "He Yiming smiled the chest slightly quite a bit, smiled and said:" Gold the brother assured, I am not good what. "Gold campaign face solemn extremely Yiming glances, but carefully looked and did not see any wrong with his heart amazed, brother of the constitution is too strange, perhaps precisely because of this weird physique, so will let him have now so brilliant achievements in the field Tude came a deep and powerful howling, With Road howling constantly loud, that man in the hands of the mace began fast rotation up an enormous, overwhelming momentum from that man's body burst out At this point, he is like a wounded animal, his intellect seems to have been from the body instinct forces replaced the mace as a large windmill, of Da Zhezhuan children unthinking toward Hao blood hit to the power and prestige of the person, and have only just revealed the most. Yiming emblem of his face changed, he hearts now has a hint of premonition. the blood pooling afraid is then no less than the impact of a soaring. "Who is he? "He Yiming subconsciously asked and gold campaign eyes lit up monstrous morale, he whispered the same: the Nam Theun Warriors ...... Lijiang Feng! "Pa: tomorrow, Monday, the crane continuously since before dawn.
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