2006年02月04日(土) 1時13分
sorry for forgeting here.i didnt mean it. just totally forgot.haha

i talked to harper last night. iwas happy to talk to him because we have not talked toeach other for long long time.
i got a part time job a week ago. it was not fun. and i was soooo tired. after that i came back to haulien for chinese new year. i had a good time this year bacuse we visit a lot places. and i brought some present for my friends.

i updated the pictures today.

my cousin is very cute. she is a cool kid anyway.heh
i like her,and i wanna be like her. be a cool kid.

harper told me that he will visit japan in march. i really wanna go to japan.
to celebrate harper's birthday, and visit hiromi. i think it could be fun.
even itis just a weekend.okay i know i have to think about it.More!

i am going to back to taipei tomorrow. do something taht i had to do in the winter vacation.haha something i told my friends i will finishi it in my winter vacation. it is kinda difficult though.

i think i have go to bed.

however i am back....


2005年12月13日(火) 1時00分
i dont want to be such busy.

i will be more serious to face my present life.

i dont wanna to be present me as well.


2005年12月01日(木) 22時19分
i swear i will start to learn english after this weekend. i will turn back to the english mode angin. i hope so.... i cant stand my poor english anymore. that makes myself feel frustrated enough.

lack of vocabulary. it makes me keep silent.

i found 

2005年11月29日(火) 0時35分
i was much more serious about my english diary before.
i am bad bad bad. heh heh


2005年11月29日(火) 0時22分
it was much warmer today. acrually it was kind of hot today.heh
we won the basketball game today. it was nice game.
i have studied since afternoon. i am tired and sleepy. but i think i have to try harder.
it is tough situation though. the japanese tests will be held this weekend. i am nervous. in fact we are all nervous about that.
we become tense and tight. thats not good. i hate that cuz eveybody easily to get angery.

i ganna go to bed.
cuz i am sleepy.

i am like harper. sleepy and sleep. hahaha

buit it is cool to be like him.

super fun 

2005年11月20日(日) 0時28分
i had a good time tonight.

i went dinner with some new friends. they are weisen, yahsima. they are really nice persons. i like them. they are funny as well.

Yashima, a super funny guy whos from japan. he is studying chinese. he's awesome, and smart. i guess.
although he looks like an idot in the picture. but he is an exllent guy.

we had pasta tonight. it was delicious and nice. the conversation was funny. we couldnt stop laughing, however. but yashima will back to japan in next march. we were shocked with this. we thought he would come back to japan next next year.

i hope he could stay in taiwan longer.
anyway he is a nice friend.


2005年11月19日(土) 11時09分
i had dinner with paul. we have not had dinner with each other for a long time. even though we are reoommates. heh
as first we went a restaurant , but it was full up. so we had to go to another one. finally we went a nice plce for dinner. it was fun fun fun. we are always laugh loudly, when we hang out. thats awesome to be with paul.
we love to make weird faces. thats funny. so we always laugh loudly.
my english is getting poor, so i decided to restart to learn enhlish after the proficiency test. althogh i dont have any english. i thnk i will go to library.
it becomes colder and colder here. so i strat making scarf. i wanna make a new one for harper because i didnt send him packages for a long time. i am bad bad.

am i OK!? 

2005年11月15日(火) 9時50分
i dont even know.
i hope i am ok. i hope i can control everything well.
but it seems not. things are out of control. heh

i am the leader of the karaoke contest of our school this year. i am not afraid but i can feel quiet a lot pressure.

oh-ohh.. i have to run..

school again 

2005年11月15日(火) 9時45分
i hate meetings.

why there are so many meetings.
i am just a sudent. heh

i have been not talked with harper.
i kind of worried. i heve to email him.

i have not used english for a while. i think my english is getting poor.

i made this last night.

i lkie making poster.


2005年11月13日(日) 23時54分
i almost forgot here.
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