While the daily work in the funeral home

April 02 [Tue], 2013, 9:54

While the daily work in the funeral home, however, jordan wade d'reign for sale
faced with a lot of unnatural deaths remains, especially since a car accident accident deaths. So far, he still remember the first contact with a non-normal deaths remains, think of the hapless young man's face, and tells the story of those relatives and friends, his eyes moist. "So young and left, it is a pity."Has been Sujia Bin are not afraid, to the funeral home for many years, he lived for many years in the funeral home. "I grew up afraid of these home behind a cemetery, a child is still grave hill to catch dodge." They work during the day, are more serious. After all, is and remains dealing with the and funeral case dealing. After work, and other young people, they will participate in various meetings, Chen Jiao also like other urban girl, often about shopping, drinking coffee. Just the smaller gatherings circle, are generally peer. Eating and drinking, singing, and occasionally playing mahjong. "We're only a month to rest four days, regular working hours to determine not very, very small circle of social contacts."

Industry, special work, a lot of the old funeral workers to jordan fly wade 2 cheap
meet new friends, in order to avoid embarrassment, few said the funeral parlor, the general said, "Civil Affairs Bureau. Chen Jiao said their generation funeral workers encountered outside friends, generally said the funeral home, and also to get to understand, the first reaction is often said "Ay this job, your wages, oh.Sujia Bin and Chen Jiao, many social activities are gathering together and peer. Some friends outside of the wedding, he generally do not take the initiative to participate. Circulating in the funeral industry, some of the unwritten rules, such as not taking the initiative and to shake hands, do not take their food to the table with people, not active business card, is not easily attend a friend's wedding banquet and birthday parties.

Other industries, to promote service with a smile, and we Departures will need to get serious, you can not laugh, very sad because the mass funeral to funeral home, the smile is a very impolite behavior and bereaved difficult to accept. , "Su Jiabin said, the industry, such as" hello "and" goodbye "is essentially a vow of silence. Shaozhong Yi of Shanghai, and was educated at the Shanghai Second Medical College, has work in the East China Ministry of Industry, Henan Agricultural Machinery Bureau, the National Ministry of Machine Building and other units, 1981 adjusted to Jiangsu University infrastructure at work. Shao Zhongyi living in an apartment Jiangsu University faculty residential area, jordan after game ii cheap
due to poor health in recent years, walking, and he has a habit: not sleeping, home door ajar. At 9:00 on March 28th, a newspaper delivery workers to the the Shao Zhongyi home delivery of newspapers, they found the old man lying motionless on the floor of the living room - originally the old man passed away.
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