Lumbridge Rewards Adviser with Bargain FIFA 13 Coins

September 18 [Wed], 2013, 11:51
The Activity of Lumbridge is a anniversary angel blow arise with FIFA 13 Coins 3, started amid FIFA 13 Coins Saradomin and Zamorak, who declared for adherence of citizenry of Gielinor, allotment their abandon and angry for the battle. RSorder has offered guides about how to acquire your side, and how to aggregate all-powerful tears quickly. Today RSorder acquire a abounding adviser on the Activity of Lumbridge rewards! Buy cheapest FIFA 13 Coins for the Activity and adore all the abounding rewards now!

The Activity of Lumbridge Rewards

The Activity of Lumbridge angel blow offers players several rewards. A lot of of these are bought with Acclaim from the Saradominist quartermaster or Zamorakian quartermaster. Others are acceptable while accommodating in locations of the event, or complete with Sacred metal fragments. Over the advance of the 10-week event, coffer 2 rewards will be afar on anniversary 4, and coffer 3 rewards will be afar during anniversary 7. Anniversary 10 of the blow will be the endure adventitious to get these rewards.

Tiers of the Token

The Token adds assertive allowances while on the battlefield. These allowances and the Acclaim bulk to alleviate them are:

Bronze Token

Unlocked anon afterwards abutting a faction. Accepting a Bronze Token allows you to admission Coffer 1 items at your declared Quartermaster.

Silver Token

After axis in 1,000 All-powerful Tears, you acquire a Silver Token. The Silver Token has a 1/10 adventitious of accession added All-powerful Tears.

Gold Token

After axis in 3,000 Tears, Silver Tokens are upgraded to Gold Tokens. Gold Tokens abatement admission blow by 5%.