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n addition, Toka smell in Wakiga and hem Wakiga sex is strong!
Above-mentioned Mr. Shibuya Takano cosmetics clinic director Takano [ Yoichi ] reason,
"Even at the time of sexual activity" Wakiga smell "will strongly. This is because the apocrine glands are stimulated by sexual arousal, especially women, if "Susowaki after the sexual activity is the" smell is tight will be many. And the people that smell is not able to make the lover in the mood approach it is often likely to trouble, such as scary. "
The Source "Susowaki is"? Skin University
By the way, after the examination to go to "my genitals rotten! This skirt Wakiga?!" And the hospital in a hurry, sometimes when it is diagnosed as "not a hem Wakiga".
◇ cause of the "hem Wakiga no cock of smell" is?
- Smegma (heat insulating material.) The smell according to the number wash remainder of an accumulation plaque to the wrinkles of sexual organs
The bad dress and underwear of breathability, such as polyester or a plastic system, and a stocking are attached, and it is a smell of moxa cautery.
- Washing and cleaning continue wearing the clothes, such as a few days fail to, the smell of a large amount of sweat and waste has been put cause
- The smell by having shown the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases other than the skirt tragomaschalia, or the illness of a gynecology system
The most eye "wash shame plaque, the rest of the" will to be a considerable probability.
Was carried out to the hospital doubted the possibility of hem underarm odor, "I have accumulated glans Jie, well washed away please -" is quite often the case that turn in the Toka. Let's wash well (smile).
It will be resolved if still joke sliding the time, but you may not laugh there is a bad smell to it takes a more serious illness of Wakiga earlier.
Body really worring while the front clean of, let's go to the gynecologist.
● own "hem underarm odor diagnostic method"
See No way me! ? Self-check method skin University of Susowaki
Looking at the various books and sites, "a method of diagnosing whether hem Wakiga is, one day of is to try sniffing the smell of underwear after the stock" and if it is written, I was often but,
And Kunkakunka pants after use ... How much my pants a little, no, I think you pretty resistance (sweat)
Therefore, the self check method which Mr. Ikebukuro garden clinic director Naoki Maruyama teaches is introduced.
◇ or yellow underwear Asejimi is attached?
Is characterized by sweat from apocrine glands is the cause of Susowaki is cloudy a little yellow.
If sallow of underwear Asejimi would with apocrine glands are many in pubic region, there is a possibility of hem Wakiga.
Also, people who get the Asejimi sallow on the side of the part and the white shirt of clothing, any one of those could be complicated by both of hem underarm odor and body odor!
◇ whether the ear wax is not wet?
Apocrine gland which exists also to an ear mostly. When the apocrine glands is secreted abnormally, damp earwax said "軟耳 plaque (of anything)," In addition, you have the probability to become Susowaki becomes very high.
Requiring special attention in ear wax becoming wet.
◇ or nipples there is a smell of?
It is the surroundings of a nipple that not only the inside of an ear but apocrine gland exists mostly.
Also hem Wakiga If the nipple around fragrant.
◇ whether pubic hair is dark?
Mr. Yoichi Takano reason,
"To determine whether Susowaki is present, the concentration than I head is the point. Plot one one coarse also, there is a high possibility is often on the order of two apocrine glands from one of the pores. For this reason, conspiracy darker people Susowaki is true that there is a high possibility "and things.
◇ whether there are people of the parents and relatives Wakiga?
It seems that a possibility that the number of the child to whom the tendency which carries out prepotence of the tragomaschalia was born since the number of apocrine glands was also hereditary of apocrine glands will increase is high.
The probability that the child will also become the tragomaschalia when parents are tragomaschalia is 75% or more.
Moreover, also when one of father ? mamas is the tragomaschalia, being inherited in the probability of 50% or more is known.
Well, it pointed out from the lover or spouse as "part (or peripapillary) scent", that also if you are careful.
Of course, the side of the odor, foot odor is simple awareness of hem Wakiga smell is characterized by hard to care on their own.
However, this is very a shock. It loves most and is such one that has been said from an important person in...
Because say such a thing from the "clean", "cute" who want words than with, I want to think that the other party.
Moreover, also the example where it can be separating with nothing said although it is also difficult to say.
Sauce http://kppmp3dltm.890m.com/
It may entertainer and her talent on TV, "I started dating a woman he liked, but when there is smell though it is a very beautiful woman and is etched, nothing broke contact rejection without saying," he said in a funny story, such as material no, but, well, this is a terrible story.
However, after carrying out sex with the sweetheart with whom not only an entertainer but ordinary persons just began to associate, the talk of having decided for a partner's connection to begin to stop and also to carry out the greeting of separation is also often heard.
of course, the noticed direction -- "-- your sexual organs -- a smell -- " -- "-- it is hard to say that it is the thing " done [ smell / strange ] -- coming out -- the shin. If it is, neither a partner nor a one wants to damage...
● To clear the hem Wakiga odor?
How do I see? How skin University Susowaki is erase the smell
Mr. Ikebukuro garden clinic director Maruyama [ Naoki ] reason,
The source of "Susowaki smell, sweat and urine, fabrics, is such as physiological too. Skin of bacteria, is that the original of these odor causing the odor and vegetative propagation. Therefore, to reduce the smell , it is necessary to eliminate the source of these odors, "said the thing.
How do I see? How skin University Susowaki is erase the smell
Such Maruyama teacher would recommend "How to turn off the hem Wakiga odor" is,
Pants prevent stuffiness and select what is good air permeability
Susowaki smell has a strong tendency where humidity and temperature is high. Severe underwear, such as a girdle and a body suit, is to the stinking cause of a thing easily filled with humidity!
Pants Let's not stuffy and select what is good ventilation. Especially metabolism falls easily and the menstrual period which is easy to emit a smell that hormone balance is confused easily recommends you calm underwear.
Moreover, a sanitary napkin and a cloth sheet should also choose the good thing of breathability, and should replace it eagerly.
"since it is" troublesome -- "-- OK, even if it has not classified yet -- since that is right ... " -- it is filled with humidity, and bacteria breed easily, and alike also in stinking one, when the long time is classified -- ! -- I will change frequently.ジャムウ石鹸
- Wash finely during bathing.
A place [ in homes, such as labium major and labium minor, smegma and dust accumulate easily ]. Let's kept clean wash to clean such as during bathing.
However, conspiracy, because the skin is thin and delicate site, received the skin of scratch damage and scrape, also be the reverse effect is easy to contain more and more germs!
Let's wash carefully smoothly before backing up a vagina with a rich bubble using the inside of a finger.
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