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September 02 [Mon], 2013, 10:06
Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas revealed abnormalities in the locker room after the game repressed, everyone grieved, Pique is considered the team to make a change, "supra skytop 3 sale This game is simply a torment, but to be fair we out , and Barcelona is no longer the world's best team. "Just as Pique said, a total score of 0 to 7 is Barcelona in the Champions League history's most bitter defeat, but also the Champions League semi-finals after the reform of the maximum score gap, while history in the Champions League semi-finals last time this score dates back to 1964, when Real Madrid 8:1 swept Zurich. But here there are optimistic about the players, Xavi Barca era that has not yet ended, "our team have a future, but did not go beyond the German football Spanish football." Has been determined to remain in office altogether think the team next coach Vilanova No season signings, "we do not need to change much, just need to get back what you have."

Whether Barca admit it or not, the facts before us, the past few years the world's most successful football club in their most weak, even though the La Liga champions this season has been steadily in the bag, but Barcelona against top teams has become a reality is no longer strong. Barca in the Super Bowl this season, La Liga, Copa del Rey against Real Madrid six times, only one wins, 2 draws, 3 losses record. Champions League semi-finals two negative Bayern, 1/4 finals two flat Paris Saint-Germain, 1/8 final against AC Milan a 2-1 ...... Spanish "El Pais" is bluntly Barca need to reflect on it, "you know not long ago Barca still the best team in the world, but now you have to reflect on. "coach Vilanova retention in the case of changing a team is the best way to introduce a powerful new aid, in accordance with Spanish media say, Neymar, Hummels and other players have entered the list of Barcelona's acquisitions, but signings can really solve all the problems you? Right now this team later joined a small law, Alexandre Song has not behaved well enough, and perhaps leave everything as Guardiola said, "If I stay, will certainly fail, because we have these people together too long. "

As the movie "The Hunger Games" in the famous line, "supra skytop 2 sale Even if I would die, I hope I am myself." Barca out of the result or had expected, but "non-resistance" way to leave, Barcelona or Barcelona yourself? Football is the boom-bust of the law, and now Barcelona has a whole summer to reflect, action, against fate, and perhaps only time can give an answer.
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