never thought of Shi Feng and mysterious

May 06 [Mon], 2013, 18:33
Let him mind Qi Jian, let him make every move only after mature deliberation, eventually arrived but the danger of life, was injured for so many years, for king Jiang Bo, all the time for life insurance and the heart to rest, but no matter in what way, he couldn't lift it may be his life always treasure gas. Even through the dazzling ray Guolai temporary containment, also spent Wang all indoor refining treasure division for nearly two years, never do nothing to penance, the result only. Through the acquisition of dazzling ray wantonly fruit, he will stick to now not dead. Even now, except his own, including other people Lian Po division and the royal family, no one knew he was injured by Koraju, he did not say, since there is which it would be awkward to disclose, but the smelting Bao division side didn't ability through the gas to be inferred that the treasure. Shi Feng was called the broken. You know, he has not carefully checked, but really to wait just inflammation. "Are you Lian Po division?" The king Jiang channel. Month Alice heard the king Jiang Bo said, is also a surprised, puzzled look to the stone front, she has been, never thought of Shi Feng and mysterious Lian Po Teacher Association, after all Shi Feng since out of Donglin county city began, all the way to fight hone, fix for mad, if also can have the time a refining treasure division, is also feel like butterfly dream, it is not true. To the moon butterfly a slight nod, Shi Feng said: "I'm Lian Po division!" "The master is your strength than Wang interior support, a lot better." The king Jiang channel. Month butterfly face apprehensives color. To know the king indoor refining treasure teachers than crescent Pavilion is not poor, but the new moon Pavilion enshrined in the master called the cloud Kingdom the strongest,Jordan Big Ups Outlet, once month butterfly also asked the master, is actually than Wang indoor refining treasure teachers strong line, in the final analysis, is about the same. If the stone front than Wang indoor refining treasure division strong many,UK Nike Air Jordan, that his ability in Lian Po division's not...... Month butterfly found themselves far from through the stone front. It is amazing Lian Po division! "Lian Po Shi no grade, if Wu state contrast of words, I think the Royal Lian Po division is the warrior's words, that I must be about to go beyond the existing general." Shi Feng said confidently, the upcoming wilderness treasure gas let him have the qualifications, have half step God teacher Yan Tiantu left refining treasure close coiled, but let him say this, have deliberately belittle yourself. "I believe!" The king Jiang channel. He has no claim to the king. Month butterfly seen king Jiang Bo such solutions, is shocking,coach outlet store. "I said I can lift the Koraju left the treasure gas, your letter?" Shi Feng laughed. "Just one look, can determine the Yin thunder pearl, you have lifted may, but is only possible." King Jiang Bo stared at the stone front, eyes burning, as if expecting further explanation in Shi Feng. Shi Feng smiled and said: "the treasure is divided into five categories, including auxiliary treasure belongs to a class of very rare, Yin Zhu Lei is a helper class treasures, with attack power, but to get its attack power play, is the need to rely on the spirit of the corresponding technology, otherwise only the refining treasure division with precious gas can play out, so your majesty of the injury, should be a cold kind of spirit.
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