rather than not convinced this is Lin Yu willing to patiently

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Chapter 206 Frankly, I just want to kill you Mo six smiled, looked back at the kneeling villagers, said: "We should first do not kneel, we must first find out, Ares adults does the new Court word of the Lord, to my Mo six first kneeling his other book club watching: the latest chapter of wood fell in love with fire. "listen to him say this, the villagers you see me, I see you, I hesitated a moment, began The succession of someone stood up and think Mo six rational Gezhu the issue at stake, not finalized, does this kneeling unreasonable. Looked played a role in their own words, Mo Six smiled, then turned to face Lin Yu asked: "Ares adults, Will the ice Ling Han Lan stick your hands to where?" Yeah, frankly scare predecessors gave it to me. "Lin Yu frankly laughed, then also readily the ice spirit cold Lan rod threw Mok six, face smile and said:" If you suspect it's true or false, then you can experience personal experience. "anyway Mo six now just an ordinary person, Lin Yu did not afraid of him to play out what drives tricks. Mo six did not seem to think of Lin Yu turned automatically to stick threw his view, reach out and took the stick, spent spent, looked at Lin Yu only after careful viewing villagers Lin Yu are say whispered conversation, Lin Yu scare sent Would not really explain their ancestors are still alive? "This is true. Mok six touches quite frankly, after a closer look at his face a little present dignified color, and respectful of the rod will be returned to the Lin Yu. Of course, he's respectful, this time on the ice Ling cold Lan stick. "What to ask to play?" Lin Yu face calm took ice spirit stick in cold Lan, asked. "Mo six should be heard, along with thought, asked:" As far as I know, is indeed on the teachings of our ancestors Does anyone have this rod will is our Gezhu, however, to be wrong ancestors disrespectful, if this rod fell on evil intents, through some unclear not Chu means of this stick, do we have to admit that its Gezhu identity? "Oh, do not you think my strength through illegal means to obtain this from the hands of scare predecessors not a stick? "Lin Yu face sank, said. Mo six startled, watching Lin Yu sink wink, hesitated a moment, but plucked up courage and said: "I just say I was thinking only look good novel: ending song full side reading." canada goose sale, finished, paused, then said: "Well, a Will Ares adults, the ancestors the Ice the spiritual cold Lan stick gave you, whether the Promise jasper spoon be given out to a Ares adults?" Of course. "Lin Yu heart knew he would ask that the white box in the palm immediately flashed open the box in front of his face, and said:" I do not know Mr. Mo Liu also ask this Promise jasper spoon inspection look? "Of course." Mo six time seems to be ready to sacrifice Canada Goose Banff Parka Outlet. "Good!" Lin Yu is not nonsense, direct the Promise jasper spoon gave him. "Hey! Forget it, I do not watched since the Ares adults Ganna out, presumably this is true." Did not expect the the Mok six this time had not received the Lin Yu handing me white box, Tansheng the said, watching him this when, it seems the idea is getting a little believe and Lin Yu their Gezhu. Lin Yu see he suddenly said, do not read, There's nothing really performance, smiled and recover the box. In this case, the other villagers, at least half of the people have been convinced that Lin Yu does one hundred ancestors sent succession Gezhu post. Ji-ni more A sweet smile. "But .....", the Mok six suddenly brow of a challenge, slowly and loudly: "I have a doubt." "Well, do you have any doubt say it together, my explanation is." Forest Yu frowned and began to lose patience, the heart began to think, if this guy continue to struggle with some silly questions, not simply with thunder means he has done the calculations. However, Lin Yu know this is not good. Now that we know, as long as the enter Xuantian Court, in front of these villagers or ordinary people is likely to become a powerful warrior, Lin Yu heart'm looking forward to the start value Gezhu post because he thought future so these people will be the him a biggest booster, so also want to admit he Gezhu completely convincing these people, rather than not convinced this is Lin Yu willing to patiently explain tolerate Mo VI moves peach marriage Hutchison TXT Download loyalty, which is the most important. Lin Yu now five products phantom divisions, although very important to these people into the Tien Court becomes what powerful weapons, but loyalty is the most important. So Zhao Lie organization mercenary group, loyalty, strength to strength would not be a problem as long as he has enough money, just a matter of time. "My problem is not many. Although I did not know Thus Ares adults the once really became our Gezhu, my Mo six days after may have a difficult time, there may even enter the Tien Court the opportunity , but for the sake of the whole clan, I must do so. "do not know Lin Yu heart is not aware of the intention to kill, or how, Mo six suddenly straightened himself a pair of resolute look in his face now onwards slowly Road. Lin Yu heard this, but my mind was a move, again carefully looked at from this Mo to six! At this point, standing Mo six behind several villagers secretly pull Cheleyixia the Mo VI clothes, indicating he will not ask anymore, because Mo six just saying the rational, perhaps, he may really lose access Tien Court of opportunity. Into the Tien Pavilion, no longer ordinary people, but their people dream of generations to come it! Seeing this opportunity, but it is because of the move today and lose this opportunity, this seems a bit worth it! Will definitely Mo six greatest regret of his life least worth something. However, Mo six gently shook his head, refusing the kindness of the villagers, said: "Since I stood out, I have this mental preparation so offend the Ares adults may Gezhu adults, then I Mo six does not matter. ", after the turn, then finished against the villagers turned to be determined by looking Lin Yu, slowly and loudly:" This is my last question. Logically speaking, ice Ling cold Lan stick is really, Promise jasper spoon is true, I should admit Gezhu identity, but, as far as I know, our ancestors in those days around, but followed by a Dragon, and later, as if our ancestors have been the ice Ling cold Lan rod and Promise jasper spoon handed over to the custody of the Dragon adults, hot, since the Ares adults claiming to be the two things our ancestors sent Will Ares adults also seen Dragon adults? "" Oh, Mo six It seems that you know something and a lot of it! "At this time, the old village has been next to no sound suddenly Chasheng said. "The old village, you, I have been respectable, but I just want to say, concerned about the tribe also not the village head. Mok six was only concerned to do something for the tribe to spend, so in this respect the point of thought dark check the history of the tribe. "Mo six face frankly replied. "Good, good, good!" Listen Mo six, Lin Yu suddenly laughed. Mo the six heard this, he hesitated and did not know Lin Yu suddenly move. Not only Mo six so is the presence of unknown what Bailin Yu would say these three good character. "Frankly, I just want to kill you." Lin Yu first smiled, then face a positive seriousness said Mok six. Remark with the villagers face a slightly changed, a sudden burst of light Wow. Even the old village and the Ridiculous, Meng trio are Yizheng, now a surprise of color. Because they feel that, even if you have in mind the intention to kill, but not so subliminal it! Touches Ji-ni face still is very calm, and it seems no matter what Lin Yu do her feel normal Canada Goose Chateau Parka Outlet, can see, this little girl on the United States if the angel Lin Yu is to almost blindly worship! However, this is normal! Her parents were killed by the threat posed to the life of the whole clan, and her innocence footer will be the invasion kinky believers, this is the most vulnerable time in her mind, so she prayed to God of War under the provisional time Lin Yu played really too much to her shock! At that moment, she the Lin Yu admiration to a no height. Perhaps, Lin Yu now called her to die, she would not hesitate to pick up a sword to their own neck rubbed. "Mo six which is doing it?" At this time, the scene so that all people feel incomparable dismay happened!
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