doubt that Zhaoya Ning will again

October 18 [Fri], 2013, 17:16
.. Om and South Korea at the end of the game, the vast majority of people, are also identified, the Chinese team won the championship, is determined to win things. This has Zhaoya Ning enormously killing device, they encountered an upset promotion of Iraq, there is no reason not to win? "The fact once again proved to us that the Chinese team in Asia, and now is an absolute first-class team. Zhaoya Ning in the world, are the super-class players, to the Asian range, is almost irresistible. Physical, and He could almost crush any Asian players, technical capacity, he Gengshi Bi someone stronger than one level, tactical awareness, contribution to the team in all aspects, he was unstoppable. Three years ago, the when it comes to slightly tender Zhaoya Ning, you can kick out of Iraq led 3-0 against the results, and this time, we have no North Face Denali Fleece Jackets reason to doubt that Zhaoya Ning will again be victorious. Korea down, rì this down, Australia down, now, against Iraq, the victory will be far behind? "The results of the competition, but also as one would expect the same. Opening game did not take long, Zhaoya Ning is one foot away shè, although shè door knocking in the column, the goal is ejected, however, is such a simple shè door, it has been so completely lost their rhythm in Iraq, To combat Zhaoya Ning, they played faster and faster, but the final result, and it was Zhaoya Ning complete control of the natural rhythm. "Although Iraq rounded out the finals, but not reflected in the level of Asia's strongest team they upset the rhythm, the rhythm, the strike was kicked out of the" before the end of the first half, the Chinese team finally found opportunities, Shao Jiayi pass, the ball had already been Zhaoya Ning post moves with the fragmented Iraqi defense, straight to the plug in the song Bo. Qu Bo did not Tangong foot cross knock the ball to the Zhaoya Ning, Zhaoya Ning close kick shè door, kicked the ball into the goal. By the second half of an opening, Zhaoya Ning kick far shè, it once again blew open the door to Iraq 2-0 score, but also to China's lead is even greater, and followed, first Zhao rì ; kick far shè break, and then substitute Hao Junmin kick shè door broke, although Iraq pulled a goal, however, is still only able to accept a 4-1 defeat. Chinese team against such a game, once again won the championship. And Zhaoya Ning also got shè hand Golden Boot Golden Boot at this year's Champions League, Premier League Golden Boot after harvest and a Golden Boot. "Zhaoya Ning relying on one's own strength, to subvert the entire Asian football stratification Once upon a time, rì Korea Chai is a first class team in Asia, and now Australia has come, the rise of China, Asia football classification, completely changed. "got two Asian Cup, people also had to admit that the Chinese team is indeed the strongest teams in Asia, one of the football. World Cup results, two Asian Cup, plus an Olympic Games, the Chinese team's performance, though they are at the time to get in Zhaoya Ning, but this just a few results, but enough, and more than any one of the Asian countries . After all, Saudi Arabia three champions, South Korea and rì this, it was each of the two champions, Zhaoya Ning led the national team to get the two, is also tied Korea rì score. This makes a lot of Asian countries are cursed endless: Valencia by pulling aid, rì Korea by train youth academy, China is too good luck, Zhaoya Ning existence is simply a person erase the gap, so that China forcibly from the Asian second-rate squeeze the best in Asia. Wait until Zhaoya Ning retired, we then wait and see better. For Zhaoya Ning play out while playing in the Asian level, almost everyone has to see to understand: in Asia, this piece of land, at present, no one can stop him, he had nothing to be ashamed of losing, the Asian Football inherently backward regions, backward Asian football, met the peak of his career being a world-class players, lose lose it. In the future if his career trajectory more like Hidetoshi Nakata, then the 2011 Asian Cup, perhaps is his swan song, but if the trend of his career more like Ali Daei then the whole of Asia, to In his next life yín prestige for many years. Hope seems like it after all, he is young and Hidetoshi Nakata fame, and Ali Daei is still not the same. "Zhaoya Ning to continue playing a variety of Asian competition, the development of football in Asia, is very unfavorable." In this regard, rì this also published a few sour feeling, "He should perform well, then go to the game in Europe, Asia fame on good variety of competing in the Asian Championships back, it is not much meaning. "Let Zhaoya Ning Chinese team returning kicks Asian Cup, this approach is wrong. "In this regard, Korean after losing, but also indispensable to someone out Debating a few words," Zhaoya Ning past few years has been very tired, he has every summer tournament to kick. This approach is very bad for his career disadvantage. China should be considered more of a no Zhaoya Ning how to play it, rather than relying on the Zhaoya Ning play. "In this case, there is nothing wrong in theory: Many Asian players and the national team of Men's North Face Ski the agreement, are only playing the World Cup, a little better, and kick the Asian Cup, but other games, are resolutely refused to kick, but Zhaoya Ning and they are after all not the same, his physical strength, and although they are playing in Europe, but he was big enough inside the team, have enough capital to make the team as he returned home release, therefore, like the World Cup tournament, he will return to play. Even sometimes, he even Current Problems in this level of competition will kick it: After all, as the team is running up and while doing so, naturally aroused Many other teams dissatisfaction: a ug, you have no problem, things still did not call back, it is too far, but the Football Association Ye Hao, Ye Hao General Administration of Sport are no corrections idea: that athletes, to seize a lot of nature is to be used, Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Zhaoya Ning, which is not what games are participating? met, naturally Timberland 14 Inch have to make good use it, the Football Association understand that Zhaoya Ning also understand , he wanted to get out of the national team is difficult, we have something to discuss, or good, at least, now friendlies, ah, ah zipper abroad, what the Asian Games and the like, do not call him. Indeed, some games, the association that side simply is banned in the above gave off: for example Games, Zhaoya Ning later still hear parents filed, and they knew then let Zhaoya Ning province committee also thought to participate in the Games but later, this idea was the higher authorities to prohibit , the superior argument is: Zhaoya Ning just need to lay the glory for the country's game can be, no need to return to participate in the Games, which touches or, at least, to his home the next National Games held at that time Zhaoya Ning do not go, or .. [chapter unfinished, please click Next to continue reading this chapter is the first of two current 1 1 You can press ← key and → keys to flip
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