Wind Fei naturally felt that the Crimson

October 17 [Thu], 2013, 15:18
Guan leaf silk cultivation impressive, Yubi slender, waved toward the earth above, they put two hundred meters to the lift hill backwards throws, but no Banfen role two hills easily Crimson Tide to be swallowed. Crimson Tide among give two huge crunch, crush of two hills, turning to sand gravel, tumbling in turmoil. Tonglu mountain rock very hard, than the average iron are similar, but the moment was shattered, we can imagine, if a person is involved, what will be the result. Wind Fei did not shot, flying fell a mountain full of flame on top, holding hands, and a spectacular appearance, far smiles: "Ye silk guan, you are a giant strong level, a storm put you so scared. "leaf silk guan posture slender waist if Sophie Liu, who has a layer of misty glow, naturally saw the distant mountains above the wind Fei, his face a fine fragrant perspiration overflow stare fiercely wind Fei a, said: "This is not an ordinary storm, the ability to drag people to the ground, forever buried, giant strong level if to get involved, but also there are no dead students." she Expand the fast, the body as a meteor, and then toward the direction where the wind Fei flying. Wind Fei naturally felt that the Crimson Tide was Pang Dawei energy carried by storm trails, a mountain is minced, turning to copper sand plains. Wind Fei's face with a bit sneer, leaves red silk guan storm actually want to lead to his body, could not let her do so, the body of a move, launched a reincarnation fast, faster than the leaves at least twice as fast as silk guan , and instantly traverse dozens of years, to hide the past. Leaf Wire guan's face is surprised colors, she thought the wind speed should Fei and her in about the same, but did not think the true wind speed is so Fei horror, she even state to have a breakthrough, it may not be able to catch up. Wind Fei and leaves natural silk guan grips when not using real fast, only a three-speed Bale. "Boom" Crimson Tide will eventually swept her to, she played numerous supernatural powers, but had been given Crimson Tide crushed her completely engulfed. "You can not do nothing Flying cloud a person you did not get out of this one unattended death domain" leaf silk guan Meimou Lian Lian, with a bit wretched, pitiful looking away wind Fei. Wind Fei was still standing in the distance, no shot meant. Crimson Tide begins to shrink, like a dust condensed into a giant hand, dragged her to the ground, with her giant-level repair, even can not resist, his face full of fear of color, in her half of your body are sinking into the ground at the time, one of the more powerful big hand to grab her, she pleasantly surprised to know that the wind Fei shot, her slender fingers flexible palm of the wind Fei fastened to the counter. Wind Fei palm cohesion over a colossal Buddha fingerprints, boom on the ground, a gold lang from the palm into the ground, give these a shattered cracked earth will drag leaves the ground wire guan, revealing that down the middle slim waist, and then they quickly turning to a streamer, red fly out, more than a thousand flights in stopped down. That Crimson Storm does not chase. Ye Xia Silk guan body has a soul filled, extremely soft jade footer, Xuefu sparkling, palm shot in the chest above the wind Fei, Jiaoqu like snake generally fly out in the void above draw a soft arc, fell far from the summit of a mountain, overlooking smiling beneath wind Fei, said: "Uncle Xie Xieyun helping hand extended." wind Fei had advance guard, and this palm leaf silk guan did not hurt him, smiled and said: "Everybody says that women are volatile, fell faster than the open book, I did not expect is such a pure and noble Ye Xianzai woman." leaf silk guan face a slightly positive, the body, such as Sin Pa Ling sky, road : "I did not expect such a cloud uncle is not honest man, you should know that silk guan and if really fell out, just to be able to beat that cloud uncle's life." In fact, the leaves of this scattered repair wire guan uncle The image is not bad, although scattered repair UGG Dakota and moon fairy uncle taught there the holidays, but she knew all this moon fairy teach disciples prior provocation, but no shot scattered repair uncle taught his disciples to kill moon fairy . Even if he catch the Liu Rui Xin, but also not a cent to hurt her, but will she finally let it. Of course, what really leaves scattered repair wire guan think uncle is a good man, because Uncle dare scattered repair dry dynasty jade strong shot, amazing courage, act decisively, than the LI Xiao male geniuses such Junjie Du Jun three thousand more manhood, which is also the most valuable. So Ye Fei silk guan right now the wind is not only the identity of the image is not bad, but there is little appreciation, it is precisely because of this that the same jokes and Liu Rui Xin Fei as wind uncle. Wind Fei gently rubbed his chest, old-fashioned way: "Liu Rui Xin That girl do? She's not with you?" Ye silk guan his face a bit more Youse, said: "After entering Tong Lu Shan , it has been lost. "even her level of this giant figure in copper stove mountains are almost meteorite body, and only destiny third heavy Liu Rui Xin probably already has happened woe, loss of life in the land of the fierce one place . Leaf silk guan mood quickly adjust, have been very calm, said: "Tong Lu Shan has been completely reveal the entrance to the blocked and animals is impossible to have to go out, only to enter the copper stove deep mountains place, please hand it may be the ancestors of all nationalities tide to defeat the beast. "wind Fei's face is not optimistic, said:" copper stove afraid that there are those dangerous mountain beast tide over those mountains into the copper stove the depths of the ancestors, and Xeon, and said that some people may not have fallen, and even they can get out of copper stove hill. "This leaves silk guan also support copper stove there is indeed a lot of ferocious mountain land, The pupils gave countless predecessors dying on the inside, there is also copper stove just outside the mountain, they almost let her body fall from the sky, if entered Tonglu mountain hinterland, no one could have predicted just how terrible things will happen. Remove the leaves silk guan moon fairy teaches history painted on a powerful leader of the map, the above outlined copper stove corner of the mountain, the mountain entrance marked copper stove, as well as into the copper stove mountain hinterland routes, some dangerous place is also particularly marked, draw a mark. Map outlines copper stove only just a small corner of the mountain, but it is still very vast, there exists numerous landmark, landmarks are spaced every few miles. "Legend of copper stove but a mountain of God of War and God of War gas constructed out of this one earth, perpetual, limitless, copper stove mountains seem connected to the other end of the depths of one hundred thousand mountains and rivers." Leaf Wire guan map quickly close up, do not want to let the wind Fei see some important places marked. Map of some places recorded some day material treasure habitat, but also in some places recorded ancient veins. "A woman is stingy." Wind Fei faint. Leaf Wire guan Meimou with Wink, Sin Yan Xia above shrouded God, see her stunning face, faint said: "This is a map of moon fairy teaches history but the most powerful one leader dwarfed , a total of only five rubbing down, but to teach the supreme treasure of fairy moon, can give you a look, have been very good. kenga moon fairy if you teach, I can give you a look . "Ye know not just this thread guan scattered bits and pieces as a powerful and wanted him to join the sun and the moon fairy pull taught to copper stove corner of the mountain map to entice him. Wind Fei smiled and quipped: "Ye Xianzai If my wife is willing to marry, then I was the person who taught moon fairy." Guan white silk leaves him, and said: "Uncle, you do not see Look how old are you, want old robber? But if Uncle willing and I can introduce you to a Shishu, although already practicing three hundred years, but still youthful beauty, and uncle absolute match. "her in order to pull people, even when played matchmaker, his introduction to the wind Fei Shishu to marriage to win over the San repair uncle. Wind Fei touched goat beard on his chin, shook his head and said: "That is well, do not look and see not," "Uncle, do not you reconsider, I Shishu really young and beautiful, but also also a giant strong level, although you are on the age, but can also be collections alike, maybe make the repair to the next level. "leaf silk guan very serious, not like in the joke wind Fei. "This is off to mention." Fei first step in the wind went out, just keep in minds along a route, walked toward the copper stove depths of the mountain. Leaf silk guan thought, finally decided to accompany the wind Fei, after all, the uncle seemed good to speak, not as a bad person, but she still seems more than repair, eclipsing the two peers, take care of each other can have a . Even with a map in hand, they still get out of this one unattended death domain, a series of walking for two weeks, did not see any landmarks, seems to be going round in circles in place. "I understand, there is naturally a large array, which is like an endless UGG SUNDANCE II mountain top chessboard pawn in constant movement, but we are on top of the board, can not see it moving trajectory." Wind Fei using a small derivative of the surgery, in the ground rehearsal, every dozens of years, will be a rehearsal on the ground, and soon found the real road, spent two days, finally found a map on a large coordinates. "You did not think Uncle proficient projections rehearsal of the road, but a wisdom teacher uncle do?" Ye silk guan Mouzhong shine, a giant has a great value, and if the giant is still a powerful Chilean division, it would be more extraordinary. Wind Fei did not bother her, eyes fire one, Miles Red Sea, roasted human skin hot. This is a sea of ​​flame pooled together, have burned to the ground around the mirror, the flames on the edge of a lot of bones, piled into mountains, some of which is still very fresh bones, above the flesh, apparently did not die Timberland Radler Trail Camp Sale before long, the bone above blood are not dry. Flames next to an ocean of bones, the bones of ten million ten thousand, there have been rolled into the bones of the dead sea of ​​flames, burned, first into a fire skull, and then turned into a handful of ashes. Then, we have the endless sea of ​​flames rolled to the bones. This is a sea of ​​fire marked on the map, called "refining fire burning field", with an air of Huang Huang, vast and unpredictable, from the mountains of the hinterland copper stove has been very close.
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