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October 16 [Wed], 2013, 15:25
As time goes on, and Tien Lei Yan Zong Zong joined hands slowly occupied the absolute upper hand, when the two monks were cast Dunshu yīn evil fled after the four factions together instantly Ben collapse, one by one the monks have started displaying means scattered and fled, so a kill and gradually formed. Lin Tianyang taking advantage of the chaos of Xuan Lin Hongyu and acoustic music loudly, but also control the escape of light to go, he may just flying through the air, a ribbon was rolled over, apparently Liu Ruyan been staring at him, never let Lin Tianyang it is so easy to leave. Lin Tianyang also long been expecting this, gong mirror long been resorted to in the head, when the ribbon Juanzhu a Lin Tianyang when another Lin Tianyang actually flew away from his side, the day Dunzou baizhang away after being wrapped in ribbons Lin Tianyang live instantly turning to an smoke disappeared. Lin Tianyang a walk, other Lei Yan Zong monks fled along with them. Liu Ruyan watching Lin Tianyang so clever manipulators fled, angry straight stamping, she knew that this Lintian Yang gone, probably never took his chance, after all, she could not the rest of the time, has been With so many people escape out the door more than a dozen years, Lin Tianyang see Liu Ruyan does not chase, know that woman is estimated to have to give up the pursuit of their own, after all, this ban on sacred groves inhibitory great soul, once got into the woods, not so easy to find, either before the accident which occurred in the fire apes, there would be a fight in that field. Lin Tianyang in the melee started, the thought of using the mirror method avatar escape, of course, he is not without purpose escape, this time in front of him in the promise that, Fang Deming positive control escape light gallop, seen behind Lin Tianyang chase , this time he did not force desperately fled. Fang Deming also know that if by Lin Tianyang to catch up, and his definitely finished. Fang Deming has built the base late repair, originally escape speed should be faster than the Lin Tianyang can Lin Tianyang practice "Plough zhengyang tactic", and now after the body magic irrigation, although still not as a magic late brother, but with his physical intrepid , escape speed can match has been the realm of false Dan Lin Hongyu, Mens North Face Outerwear Outlet so in this case chase Fang Deming, Canada Goose Outlet the distance between the two is getting smaller and smaller. Less than half an hour's time, there have been gaps in the promise, and now has less than baizhang, and putting in his anxious, suddenly found under Fang Shulin, there are two yīn evil monks are hiding in the tree were cut interest rates, see if they look like is obviously not a light injury. Seeing joyful hearts, immediately fell down. Less than half quarter of an hour, leaving only two here corpses, Fang Deming put Lin Tianyang attracted, then he throws a wind escape character is gone, and so Lin Tianyang cast thunderbolt beheaded the two injuries are not light monk catching up, and pull between him and Lin Tianyang much larger. A few hour later, Lin Tianyang and surrounded by a group of fire crow, in just, Fang Deming actually cast fire fire fire crow Dunshu then Dunzou. Like this, or the use of the monks, or with evil, Fang Deming actually have escaped from their hands four or five times, Lin Tianyang have to admire the ability to escape this old man is really a must. In this group beheaded after fire crow, Lin Tianyang look at the Fang Deming has fled away, and finally gave up continue to kill him. Day-lan UNCHS slightly by the Northeast where there is a depression, depression perennial enveloped by a layer of red sè screens, in the light curtain, this time Lieyang on dozens of cases in which the monks built the base are waiting here. Headed by a revised to achieve the realm of young people leave Dan, in its wake there is a woman dressed in red sè Gongzhuang. At this point the woman leans young ear, whispered: "Brother, there are two hour on the day Lan border closed, I Canada Goose Foxe Bomber think we should withdraw from the circle, and then open Chuan Songzhen right?" Man listening a nod, and then remove a red sè crystal beads, crystal beads one o'clock facing towards the sky represents a readily throw, crystal beads instantly flew to the top of the red sè mask, red flash, red light sè This seems to be an instant cover crystal beads absorb the general, disappeared. Disappear at the same time the mask, mask, but more than a dozen monks face confrontation with each other for a while suddenly exposed comfortable expression, followed by scrambling toward Chuansong Zhen ran. When they took Chuansong Zhen later, with a burst of white light shine, dizzy after found myself living here had entered the bare plains, and surrounded by six camp elders and Lieyang Yuan Ying elders were digital. After seeing the crowd, where a white-haired old man, even this burst into tears, then it is going to Heaven and cried: "I Fang Deming finally coming out alive," he so held it, and immediately attracted several other sect of people chuckle, Haotian were a saver of monks immediately shouted: "Fang Deming, you lost someone?" Fang Deming that he drank, suddenly sober him, but remember that the devil in the Lin Tianyang kill most of the day but also to escape , and it felt really lucky too, just a little some mistakes along the way, I am afraid it will always remain inside. At the moment the face of sect elders, Fang Deming also considered not lived so many years after the stabilize mood, or immediately inside the acoustic things simple that a bit. Others came out, but also one sect elders to report on the situation from the inside to. Over time, a person from the inside out one by one, but not many persons, especially Haotian were people and Montenegro doors, more than one hour later, not even ten not to. Seeing there half an hour coming days Lan border closed, this time Chuansong Zhen suddenly white big place, nearly twenty days together reign monks turned out to be transmitted, and the day after seeing the elders led reign face sè suddenly relaxed. Others see the day reign so many people actually come out at once, one face sè is not very nice. It took some time, seeing less than a minute Zhongtian Lan environment will shut down, and suddenly a flash of white light, but also the three monks were mine appeared in Yan Chuan Songzhen. Other early step transfer came, many of them to see which one two-ish young man, the faces are showing a horrified look, Fang Deming is sè whitewashed face, as if to see the great terror of the people in general. Only Liu Ruyan moment a slight chuckle: "Congratulations Lin Daoyou, and finally succeeded with Yi Bao Lin Daoyou out" everyone knew Lan throughout the day trip, there a Yi Bao, Yan Zong Lei and was a cross- Empty interim monks took birth, and now since he came out, it seems that he really took Yi Bao, then one cast him extremely envious eyes. 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