Lin Tianyang not believe this surname

October 16 [Wed], 2013, 17:59
Before listening to their elders Chongming mentioned, only one door were called in mid-Yuan Ying Chongming elders wanted the mid-monk Yuan Ying is the elders who Chongming. "Zhou elders, long time no see," Lin Tianyang to see them directly on the Zhou Wenyuan arch of the hand, but deliberately given a statement in Chongming. Chongming see Lin Tianyang in their turn a blind eye was turned face fat huddle immediately exposed displeasure. Zhou Wenyuan then Xiaohe said: "A few days ago Tien Liu Xianzi specifically to cases in which the number of doors, door to tell you were the fall of the message, so I regret so endless, and now you come back to see the day sun, it is too Well, this is in Chongming elders, Tian Yang is the first time you see it, "" Yes, I really first met in elders, the elders of a penance to be heard, how suddenly ran out the door affairs were managed up? "Lin Tianyang lukewarm said. Lin Tianyang not believe this surname in the coldest, who do not know live here, knowing that, in the rush to get their news to the people fall away, this guy, Lin Tianyang time to give him a good face Canada Goose Women's Whistler Parka to see. "You're you're just saver monks, dare defy the elders, really lawlessness" in Chongming after listening to rage up. Zhou Wenyuan seen immediately after the acoustic: "Yu brothers, do not be angry, but this is such a temper Lin Tianyang, just to get his fallen brothers in the news to occupy his consent Lu Feng Dong Fu, his companion of being victims of bullying, Today he came back, the natural anger, and brothers still do not get angry, otherwise this sub-condensation Yuan Ying future, not a good thing for brothers ah "in Chongming right to Lintian Yang Zhou Wenyuan defended very dissatisfied, angry mass tone: "But he too is not looked down on me right, the old lady is right or wrong sect elders. Could just let him taunt, it makes other people saw were the door, the old prestige of what?" Zhou Wenyuan then sighed sound, continue to acoustic: "Yu brothers, do not you know that when he received for a new disciple, Dugan and Stuart Tianyi hands, brothers unless you really kill him, and he may be best to resolve it "Creepy Yuan Ying Lin Tianyang see that two secret acoustic, looking at Chongming more ugly face. Simply no longer ignore the landing Feng said: "Lu Feng, since you Regen Well, then they took me a hit it," Lu Feng saw this at this time there are two elders, especially who support their Chongming Elders on the side. Heart somewhat emboldened, and said: "Well, I take a look at you, the Yuan Ying Lin Tianyang the first person to have much ability under" everyone one. This is Lin Tianyang really want shot, together excitedly let out a large place, Lu Feng is a film storage bag, a black armor immediately emerge, followed by wear on the body, followed by a magic shield that he has been offering out. Continuous play after a few law formula, the size of the block in order to ten feet in front of him. Having done that, he wrote a holding pen volley 'ice' soil 'gold' three characters, words, after a flash. Were turning to an ice wall, side walls and a layer of golden shield. "Lu Feng, hello yet?" Lin Tianyang see him busy Bansu not ask one. Lu Feng, then re-challenge after his aura body care, this and said: "I'm a senior, you can be shot," Lin Tianyang a mouth, twelve Jinyang knife flying out of order under little finger Claymore, followed by a Mission golden flame is its true essence, with a huge knife Jinyang blend Claymore Gold Flame suddenly rising up. At this time Lin Tianyang facing Greatblade one o'clock means, let suspended mid-air, and then move their continuous pinch method tactic, then with a flurry of 'crackling' bones sound Cui Xiang, Lin Tianyang moment of order a few feet tall giant. "Giant of the surgery, Lin brothers actually also can play this secret operation, which is too ridiculous, the" see Lin Tianyang larger, suddenly many people are appalled cried. Lin Tianyang directly holding the hands of the Claymore, a mouth, facing the giant blade continuous spray spit out three mouth and blood, had golden flames suddenly pulls out a hint of blood red, become somewhat branching off it. At this time, Lin Tianyang hands up Jinyang knife, suddenly a wave of maple on the landing, a huge fire mingled with bloody blade toward the landing light maple cut in the past. The light blade cut open the ice wall, walls and diamond shield, almost no trace of stagnation, directly on top of the shield. "Bad" in Chongming see Lin Tianyang so great that cut power to his understanding of Lu Feng, Lu Feng is certainly knew when no less, and immediately flash shot would help him next, may at the time he left , but there is a more powerful light blade cut over toward him, which makes being a mid-Yuan Ying monks in Chongming also shocked, immediately resorted to magic purple dragon shield block in front. "Boom," a loud noise, light purple dragon shield standing on edge, although not to scale with ten dragon natal refining Zilongjin shield shattered, but it makes a few Parka Canada Goose steps backwards in Chongming just stood still, and this time, another dynasty edge already "bomb" Lu Feng resorted to shield shattered, followed by direct cut his aura and body care body armor, through his body, and finally fell away at the hillside, blasted out a dozen husbands big giant pit come, Lu Feng, the entire people into two fell to the ground, dead, die can not see Lu Feng in their noses directly beheaded, in Chongming fury shouted: "Lin Tianyang, you dare beheaded the same door, Hello great courage ah?" Lin Tianyang but Leng Heng said: "This man many years ago together with clouds day against me, kill me with the door junior sister apprentice, but now I just clean house, let him die so easily, has been regarded as good for him. "" Do you have any proof that Lu Feng done such a thing? "do not believe in Chongming Road. Lin Tianyang simply do not want him to believe that direct said: Men's North Face Outerwear Sale "I have no evidence, but I know those things he has done enough," "You have no evidence regarding the late-saver monks beheaded the door, you know, Lu Feng is After that you are the most promising advanced Yuan Ying monks "in Chongming teeth cried. Lin Tianyang then again Leng Heng, a finger on the ground changed in half Lu Feng Stone corpse and said: "This man and I have hatred, even if he advanced Yuan Ying, I still have to cut him" "Lin Tianyang, you are too arrogant, Even the old lady down the number of people, but also to punish you this younger generation, "to the point, can not help in Chongming, and direct a mouth, a pair of feijian shot out. Lin Tianyang mouth flashed a sneer, a film storage bag, three flashes out, all of a sudden in Chongming around in the middle, impressively hands from Putian You get three Yuan Ying puppet. "You have to fight it at Presbyterian war, Lin will not retreat" in Chongming swept his own soul in the middle of the three puppets, and instantly a reduced pupil, exclaimed: "Immortal Infant puppet, there is a with the medium-term puppet "(To be continued.)
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