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October 16 [Wed], 2013, 10:05
Although located in the frontier war Citylink, perennial war, but yet at the junction of the three countries, Qianlong dormant, the wicked seclusion, always so busy, every day, wearing different clothes, with long faces and different skin Cultivation enter the gates. "Om" In the morning, the city's bells emits a continuous nine loud noise, surrounded by huge gates opened, a new day has arrived. Also on the street side with fog, buildings and houses on both sides of the door closed, there are still masters of practice, I hope the impact of higher mystical realm. Morning is the best time to practice one day. Wind Fei lived in a common inn being, has been in hiding for three days among Citylink war, never seem to leave. Three days later, the flames Citylink still so calm, Xiao Nolan has not got, calm was really a bit too much, although Xiao Nolan very taboo, but the wind Fei but can no longer hide indefinitely. Nine days time had passed third, he must go to the left before the Senju, or he can wait, season home sisters etc. not. "South Pacific House repair Once upon a really situation changes, female demons simply horrible, those Mummy army also really tough, just ten days not only captured the Zixiao Tainan, but grabbed the four largest county, Bailingwan County, day gun, Wong Nai County, Sanhe County, have been turning to a death, dead rampant, blood Miles, bones piled into mountains. "" Dead man certainly good, but those who live, born in full corpse Among the city, just like living Womens North Face Gore Tex Outlet in hell. "" Even the wind home, Qin, Dayan fairy door, Zi Yun Dong Fu, these are the top major forces lost the battle, more than half of the elders level master casualties, perhaps only to mobilize God, the God of Wutai Jun Jin dynasty, it may be a war with the female demons, or up to one year's time, the whole house will become the South Pacific Shura death. "Fei wind passing a corner and found a few to escape from the day-gun Cultivation over, they sat in a wine shed among the government is talking about recent major events in the South Pacific. Sitting beside another group, but a few young people, one of whom regret sighed, and said: "absolutely beautiful palace sè roots first floor, which was the fairy people children, this will be with rì Flawless son in Momoyama flowers, poetry and friends, this is the first time the palace roots outings with people. "" rumor Palace roots beauty The North Face Outlet has not lost in two years ago, the sixth beauty, cultivation has reached a destiny more The first heavy, only sè Shuangjue, earth fairy, only son as flawless epic genius to qualify by her favor, Swim Momoyama. "" Flawless son behind who also has a super-hard backing, Palace the roots of the real purpose may be ruthless but that a super-human. "'said makes sense, rumors sixth beauty once told palace red Yanyou En, while the sixth floor to the beautiful smile daughter Qinzhu been forced to become a daughter One floor of the Tai Zhuzi smile, but perhaps you want to help the roots Palace son of the forces behind the flawless beauty rescued sixth. "" These are nothing but merely repeated the baseless assertion, in fact, if the roots of the palace and flawless son together, and it is not too good, perfect match, perfect match, very good fit. "wine shed from the outside wind Fei walked slowly, with a trace of mouth enigmatic smile, these people only see the surface fills repair Once upon interest competition is very fierce, every one can be successful practitioners who are not fools, will fight for their best interests. Whether the government of the South Pacific shaking changes, or Palace of North Face Jackets 2013 the roots with impeccable wine tour Momoyama son, these are just a symbol emerges at the surface, deeper things, is not these general Cultivation can understand. These things are irrelevant and the wind Fei, he headed old fool according to three of said address and found the left Senju place to live. It is located in the slums of war Citylink, a large are little houses, housing hundreds of thousands of monks snake dragon hybrid, here is the confusion, some still hanging on the wall last night was only the bodies of people killed, and some water ditch floating broken leg and broken arm, with a few wipe bloody. Wind Fei stepped on broken into small alley, the ground is covered with dried blood, nose filled with a Unit between thick smell of blood, apparently here often bloody murder thing. "Squeak" next to an open door, a face Hengrou Tahan from the inside out, his face still with yín laughing, bare upper body, facing the door where a charming girl, and said: "You little waves hoof, can be really sāo, tomorrow morning to hurt you. "This is Han glanced slightly wind Fei, a pair of round eyes flashed a few jīng Mans, noticed the wind Fei's body with unusual breath, know each other not mess Sheep, so he puts the rhythm, and sped away. Turned out to be a fairy root early monks, the flames are not really Citylink among ordinary people, the wind Fei mind illegal channels. "Little brother, looks really pretty, you do not come first serve, as long as twenty silver coins." That door probably also among the charming young girl 15 or 16 look, looks can be considered the finest body of It flows Emmanuel, apparently also a Cultivation. Fei ogle her against the wind, the white clothes are still above Xiangjian little messy, but yet has begun soliciting. Among birth to two wind Fei eyes flame, just stare at her, suddenly she shuddered, sè pale face, quickly bang bang the door shut, was spooked. Wind Fei cultivation make her feel terrible, this level of strong, she can not seduce, others despise her. Wind Fei continue to move forward, and finally came to the place of residence left Senju. Among the three-headed description, this left the Buddhist goddess but a fairly fast hardware characters, and the world did not he open between the lock can not be broken without him array, even the gods are big prison are trapped sorry for him, which he escape from the inside out. But precisely because of this, he was forced to flee the flames Citylink, incognito. Want to unlock Ji small slave body Bamo Long locks, to rely on this hidden world expert. "Left Senju, seniors can be left at home?" The wind Fei speaker said. There no sound coming out, it seems that there is no one, but the wind Fei was able to sense inside living breathing sounds. "Feng Huang Feng Ling, but the next three masters of life, please predecessors to yellow Maple Ridge a Syrian." Fei wind and road. "Bang" the door suddenly opened, which come out of a one-armed old man, he had only one left, old horrendous, said: "The wind Solitude old guy suddenly remembered how I will not be still thinking about my" Vientiane Diagrams "?" armed old raised his head and stared at the wind Fei one, they both uttered a cry. "You're the pit goods?" Wind Fei suddenly took a step back. Armed old left-Senju directly rushed up, and caught the wind Fei's clothes, said: "brats, I have your pit? Would I gave a tract stone pit, now lost to me. "This one-armed man is a street vendor in the street that the old crater goods, will a tract stone to a coin was sold to the wind Fei, since he still terribly distressed, every night in a dream Wailing few times. That was a tract stone ah, even the accumulation of three lifetimes of Germany, can not hit so Xian Yuan, but obviously have fallen into his hands tract stones, but because of his attitude was, sale to the wind Fei. Who else than the world with him miserable? "Tract stone was not by my hands up." Wind Fei laughed. Armed old naturally know what happened next, knowing tract stones have been easy to master, but he still swallow, my heart is bleeding, will slowly wind Fei skirts to go, constantly shake their heads, he reached out and in their face slapped: "I should not hand cheap ah how you encountered these pits goods, pit a lifetime, and this is the first time was to pit." "pop" he is in their face slapped, heart regret Debu light. "The older generation do not have such a regret in the future might even get better fairy treasure." Wind Fei are asking people, so the words of comfort. "Fart, you as a tract stone is the cabbage? Bale, Bale, kid, wind Solitude that old stuff in the end what is the heart of security, specifically looking for you to hang on me, and then I go to the yellow Maple Ridge continues to pit me?" Left one thousand tremor trembling stood, hunched over, arms tremble, legs slightly bent, as if knives are not even move, roads are gone instability. Wind Fei really doubt he was in the end is not left Senju, the left hand was almost broken. "Nature is not the case, we ask seniors to yellow Maple Ridge, but something Xiangqiu." Although wind Fei doubt the ability of the crippled, but still said respectfully. "Something Xiangqiu" left Senju himself to read such a one, eyeball a turn, turned and went into the door, bang bang the door was shut. "Predecessors, this what you mean?" The wind Fei Tao. "Boring, do not go, kid such a thing to help you get out of here, I'll quit a long time ago, who asked me, to no avail." Left Senju voice came from inside.
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