laugh became a crescent moon

October 16 [Wed], 2013, 11:13
"Boo" to the five elements rebirth surgery cohesion woman Phantom, can not be sustained, auto crushing, turning to five pieces. "The wind family ancestors bones, how will appear here?" Wind Fei rubbed his forehead, it was buried in the mausoleum will dig out among the bones? But soon the wind Fei has rejected the idea, because the bones of the owner before his death that a powerful, but it is definitely not the first generation of home wind master of the house. "Feng Xiong, the bones in your hands Flanagan transferred to me, I put one hundred thousand gold price" Bi Ningshuai eyes glued to the wind Fei hands, crystal jade bones, saliva must flow out. "Do not sell" the wind Fei categorically rejected. "I'm out of two hundred thousand gold price" Bi Ningshuai directly to the price doubled. "Two million gold coins, do not sell" the wind Fei Although expelled wind home, but the body was flowing with the wind among the family ancestors blood preclude an ancestral bones sold to someone else. This is the root North Face Denali Hoodie Outlet among the flowing spirit marrow bones, exudes a pleasant aroma, this evil spirit marrow right corpse fatal temptation, once a drop to the ground, dead radius of thousands of miles from the evil will ruminate. Bi Ningshuai valued is that "da da" at the top heard footsteps, first very low, and gradually more and more clear, far be able to see a little girl, come up from the top of the trail. She wore a little red coat, a pair of embroidered duck Huaxie, wrapped a black belt around the waist, wearing two pigtail, his hands holding a white cat, bounce down the mountain. "Meow" white cat slightly raised his head shouted. Her every step to avoid the winding trail to kill it, his face wearing a charming smile, a pair of round yo eyes, laugh became a crescent moon, "cousin, the ancestors bones to me, thank you," her voice immature, but very sweet, like a small Oriole "Whose little girl looks really cute, and gave them to squeeze two under Bi brother." Bi Ningshuai spoke on the outstretched hands to pinch the small demon face , that pink and tender face, it is clever, a mouth sparkling, do people want Nie Yinie. "Boom", "Kacha" Bi Ningshuai hands fractures, pain squeak grin, a force that spread right hamstring, so his knee a sour, "boom" is heard, kneeling on the ground. "Oh brother Bi, really naughty" little demon grinned, revealing two rows of white compiled shellfish, small arms outstretched in a Bi Ningshuai draw circles on the forehead. Bi Ningshuai which expect a little girl would actually so Guards, forehead, cold finger painting move, not daring to let him move about, large drops of perspiration on dolphin rolled. Fear of being little demons will head to a finger ripped through the "Bi brother, do not be afraid, little Qingqing give you rubbed" little white cat demon will be placed on the shoulders, he stretched out his hands to rub the Bi Ningshuai head. Bi Ningshuai issued immediately kill the pig screams small demon's hands on his head gently kneading, but there are large tracts of blood flowing down from her fingers, red flower, will be completed Ningshuai skull rub burst blood gave his skirts dyed red sè. "Meow, meow" white cat sat at her small shoulders, opened one pair of amber sè eyeball, an unblinking stare head complete Ningshuai be broken. Evil demon is too small, although age is still young, but things do not play by the rules, laughing murder, seemed innocent beauty. She is now just a little girl, if grown up, is simply a second statue Monster. "Help ah OMG, help ah wind Fei, save me" Bi Ningshuai finally felt the threat of death, the blood of people God wants to reposition itself in cans, but was little demon again his hands bones, broken into three , four, half a finger to lift it up, let alone offering bleeding man and God cans. "This is the root ancestor's bones, is that you dig out from among the tombs?" Rebuked the wind Fei small demons, ancestors can not be bullied, it is human xìng dictates, although only half of the wind Fei soul belongs to the wind family, and was also expelled from the wind the wind family was the main home, but he still will not dig the bones of ancestors. This dig graves with no difference, is an insult to the ancestors. Little demons could have been completed Ningshuai skull to expose gave up and hear the wind Fei, then right again slowly recovered his hand, a pair of hands on clothes, wiped his eyes flutter fan thud of smiles: "For ah, cousin, you are not the bones of ancestors also tempted? '" peace of ancestors, descendants dig bone, you have done such a thing out? "wind Fei is not a bookish man, but also have their own principles. Like a brother lesson naughty naughty naughty sister. "Resting predecessors, not just for the benefit of future generations, cousins, the bones to me, I want to feed the cat" Little Demon pair of hands stretched out, toot face smile. "The cat will eat the bones?" Wang Meng Tao. "My family is faint, it is necessary to eat the bones." Little Demons toward Wang Meng stare one, smiled. That the white cat's name is called faint feeling chest as Wang Meng just hit a bit by mountains, throat a sweet, a blood would gush out, eyes bleeding, his head down on the ground. Little demons under his dark hands, eyes can kill the devil believe the cat will eat the bones, the bones dug up a small demon these, and certainly among the spirits want to bone marrow, used to attract the evil dead, evil dead massacre, crazy about collecting points. Laughing, between Wang Meng and Bi Ningshuai have been brought down, a small child but still demon eyes stare at the hands of the wind Fei suddenly, shot with wins. "Boom" She shot Canada Goose Men's Yorkville Bomber fast, but the wind Fei has long been wary of her, and when she moves, it will directly beat came in the mountain above the cliff, then to kill the above invocation. "Rumble" among the mountains, out of countless human lightning while slamming, these regions are turning to Thunder party. Small demon face slightly changed, quickly retreat, however, was late, swept by lightning to come, all are lightning boom in her body. Wind Fei stood among Lehigh, but all the lightning, were the bones in his hand to absorb, without a split in his body. Lightning disappeared Fei small demons still standing in the wind in front of the face is just white Sang Sang, also Pide dark, hair children above all also braved the lightning, a binocular eye, black and white, blink twice, There are smoke overflow. Squatting on her shoulder white light, has also been split into a black lightning, lightning flowing whole body, mouth still spitting smoke was badly injured. If anyone else is this a lightning to pizhong certainly have been order to fly, but the little demons they carry down, but the body of the little red coat gave split into ash, exposing the inside of a personal silver water jīng small shirt. "Bang when" had hidden in her red sè Xiaoao inside an iron statue monument, fell to the ground, the collision sparks. This statue Tiepai quintana dark enough to have half a foot on top carved with ancient flowers, engraved three shilly songs of the ancient text, because the times are long gone, the font has undergone enormous changes, it has been difficult to three ancient text to recognize them. "You actually gave the souls of ancestors taken away?" Wind Fei felt little demon is the real demons, the demons of his son, a weak burst, just a little magic xìng are not, at least, have failed to bully teachers Off ancestors, digging graves, planing ancestral bones this step. Wind Fei will be on the ground to pick up the statue Tiepai, starting sank, bitterly cold, this one is surprisingly little Tiepai heavy, he was nearly unable to have to pick it up, have at least ten kilograms heavier. "This is not the ancestors souls, this is from the first generation master of the house pull down on the coffin, the coffin was originally used for the town, but so many years have passed, the town has no coffin, which a statue Tiepai can naturally take Walking. "Little Demons out a skin on top with white sè rǔ brilliance, who had been Pide charred skin, suddenly becomes clean, vain and tender. When the wind Fei fingers, touch the statue Tiepai this one time, had been sure that this is not the ancestors of souls, because his sense of spiritual sense Tiepai less know if this has been surviving the last years, than the first generation master of the house have long endless years. This is one thing a lot of VIP ancient old age will practice some of the life extension of Ban Act, some of whom embarked Xie Tu, life extension without success, but people do not become ghosts. So, are identified with the supreme utensils to suppress his coffin, afraid of the monster after his death, being climbed out North Face Glove Discount from the grave. This is a statue of White, already suppressed in the first generation master of the house above the coffin, but after a little demon into the tomb, to put it taken down. "The first generation of the family after the death, even to the town to use the ancient gods White coffin, are first-generation master of the house is also practicing what evil ways in his later years, people do not become ghosts of things?" Fei holds the hands of the wind Idol White, suddenly thought of a lot of heart, such as the bottom of the river that sleeping more than two hundred meters long giant skull, as well as the legend of the curse of death ancestral land. Here everything is a mystery, each capable of generating endless reverie people, if one knew the secret, I am afraid that even giant-level wind family ancestors, are reluctant to step into here. Small demon guts is too great, actually removing the town Tiepai coffin, just committed a taboo "for so many years have passed, even if that is really what the coffin into something ominous, have been the years to corrode, turning to nothingness, What's so scary "little demons, then just say half, he was bang on the top of mountain wacky sounds to interrupt, sounds very scary, came thousands of miles away. On the top of mountains, clouds dim, it is the first generation of the family mausoleum burial ground which sounds horrible sound extreme, unlike a human cry, do not cry like a different beast birds, hear people hair hair, to the mountain passed down the top of the small demon gave sè scared face pale. What is it sounds? From the top of the mountain came tomb
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