realm of destiny while wielding spiritual

October 17 [Thu], 2013, 10:12
() The material refining spirit made though hard to find, but for those oversized Cultivation martial, however, it is not too hard to do, even if there is a spiritual device made refining rare materials, but also refining division, but offering refined out but merely of "quasi-spiritual device" quasi-spiritual device, with only the outer shell of the Spirit, embryos, but not the inner spiritual device, the power of quasi-spiritual device, it is stronger than some of the jewels, but the spirit and true is a difference of thousands of times the power and true spirit simply can not compared, and spirit is what is the most fundamental thing is the spirit's "spirit xìng", a quasi-spiritual device you want to nurture Ling xìng, at least several centuries, and nurture spiritual xìng probability still only less than a tenth, which is why God Jin Dynasty vast land, rich in resources, but the spirit is still small, but the number of pitiful reason, imagine, once the wind family house can be considered Canada Goose Men's Resolute Parka one of the dominant South Pacific, but at that time with only three spiritual device, or family heritage supreme eternal war treasure, and now it took one hundred wind Fei Lingshi, buy a half a "gold began with" inside the gold can make a super power, in a very short span of time, get seven, eighty spiritual device, this is simply the Guards, combat power will increase to a level of terror, so seven, eighty monks realm of destiny while wielding spiritual device, probably within half an hour can be one day Houfu gave razed audience vibration, Even those who repair Once upon a super bigwigs are not calm, that one had wanted to twenty began to buy gold to copper half-step spiritual giant, now has regret the intestines are blue, a film forehead , shouted: "Why I did not bite a bite, even bankrupt, but also to give these a shot down the copper gold Spirit," "If I will bring division among the family like a treasure hunt, I have certainly Tempo will not miss this masterpiece, if bought gold began, then I will become the first hero of the family, "a younger generation to take non-stop at the moment the dominant fist hammer chest, crying tears of a large flower, auctions regret sound a lot of people even head against the wall, still laugh previously completed Ningshuai is Shamao who have heart Lianku moment, regretted how did when once Shamao, Sima rehabilitate the heart can not be calm at the moment, Meimou Lian Lian Fei staring at the wind, the North Face Hoodie wind to take over a Xuanbing Fei Yu He, the "gold began" to put into it, and then put back into the tray, although the piece of gold Spirit of copper, he has shot bought it, but will have to wait until after the end of auction to buy in order to receive, "Hold on, just shoot just buy gold Spirit of copper, not gold began, so the auction must continue to be , "a young man wearing a Baiyu Guan young suddenly stood up, this young man's side followed four elderly, their own cultivation also reached the second tier of destiny, but a few old family tradition of the Lord, the wind Fei has not walked down the auction platform, I heard such a voice, then laughed: "What do you mean," that a family of little master looked up, very proudly said: "What I mean is, You spent one hundred began shooting just buy a bunch of gold that the Spirit of copper, not inside the gold began, gold copper spiritual nature yours, but that was half a gold began to be re-auctions "" Haha, you are unreasonable, ah, "the wind Fei laughed," I'll be very reasonable, jade card that clearly written on the auction, the auction items but the Spirit copper gold, rather than gold silk began, this is the truth, "That's a family staring at the little master sneer wind Fei, hearts illegal channels, kid, you get too much out of the limelight, Bi Ningshuai direct yells," Your uncle, I have shot but this piece of gold to buy the Spirit of copper, gold soul copper inside this thing is our nature, "the wind Fei will want to rush to complete Ningshuai to pull back on the TV drama a family Little Lord smiled and said: "The friend, since you're so unreasonable, then you come to the auction stage, ye have good theories about it," That's a small family with a somewhat cynical main face laugh, are not afraid of the slightest wind Fei and Bi Ningshuai dare Oncorhynchus Square in trouble, so he went to the auction block, laughing: "You want how theory," the wind Fei walked in front of him, what would not much to say, they slapped directly in the past, directly to the master of the house was a little hit three times in the air inversion, only "bang" rolling on the ground, da da, the master of the house of the little master teeth off the floor, face was swollen like a pig in general, "you, you'd do it," the audience uproar, actually someone dares Oncorhynchus Square in flagrant hit, hit, or a little old family tradition Lord, four old first time onto the auction platform, the family of the ancient legend of Little Lord to lift up, one by one Aggressive, facing the wind Fei, Fei wind carrying his hands, no fear , smiled and said: "Tell me the unreasonable man, I would be more than he is unreasonable," then look for a cold, cold road, "the young master was really think any punches either, what people dare to squeeze," "bold, even beat Chen little Lord, you know that we Cultivation Chen family but one cloud Tianfu Ten, "a skinny old man cold sound Nuchi Tao, Chen Tianfu cloud is indeed one of the top ten family on Cultivation, but cloud Tianfu real masters but "Nalan patriarch", the so-called family of ten monks are just attached "Nalan patriarch" only, another old man is born cold eyes, and said: "dare auction in Oncorhynchus Square field trouble, kid, you will Oncorhynchus valve which is not looked down on, "the matter will Oncorhynchus Square senior auction to disturb even the principal of the auction personally come," quiet, you will Oncorhynchus Square auction as somewhere, "Oriental night bulging belly embarked on an auction platform, will this wind Fei a fat middle-aged man to recognize out, it is in the South Pacific and the city government of one thousand birch he was "cooking wine on the world," the oriental night, this person knowledgeable, jīng Ming abnormal knew he Oncorhynchus valve position is not low, but did not think he actually Oncorhynchus Total Square auction of principal, which But the world's largest auction, "The dead man is actually standing so high," Bi Ningshuai muttered something, the entire auction went quiet, respectful elder Chen's one night a prayer against the East, said : "Oriental principal adults, the matter" "Needless to say, I already know," Oriental slightly overnight stop at nothing, and then said: "This is your wrong earlier, it is vexatious, gold has been auctioned since copper Spirit to wind home less the Lord's name, then no matter what gold spirit among the treasures of copper, it is also home less wind master their own thing, "Watkins Spirit Oncorhynchus Copper Square is also just took the auction, the auction prices for silver Square hook effect is not too large, the main dose of less Chen panacea, after adjusting interest rates, was swollen face, and got it back, face anger and said: "East principal, you do not look to be his first hit anyone, which is disrupted auction order, should be punished, "Oriental night and said:" He did not kill you, are already very restrained thing, you know he was in the end Who, "Chen little master said:" Who is he, "" Son of demons, the wind Fei, "Oriental night faint smile, Chen had fewer owners are also face with disdain, but after hearing remark, suddenly a surprise, "What, he he is air damper Fei," Chen's four elders have also repeatedly changed sè, auction one by one all those guests suddenly, no wonder the auction's principal will stand the young side, Jin dynasty was originally the first genius of God is not only the government Wind South Pacific fewer home owners, and likely Womens North Face Down Outlet to become the next generation, the king, who would dare to offend the Lord and in the little demon's son Chen between Oncorhynchus Square natural to choose the latter, auctions, several chiefs, could have some impure thoughts, but know that the wind Fei's identity, have given up the idea of ​​grabbing, after all, God is the God of the king sits, No one dared to touch the older wind Fei, while the younger generation can wind Fei contend, could not find a few years, Chen little master though unwilling, but eventually dingy down the auction, They Chen in the "big forces auction list" are not ranked on the number, and the wind came in the nineteenth home but, dare recklessly wind home, this farce, the auction will continue in the third treasure was get up, this is a fist-sized spiritual fruit, whole body are scarlet sè, crystal clear, like the red sè jade, jade is taken to rehabilitate Sima card, and read: "The third treasure, but an unknown spiritual fruit, after Oncorhynchus Square treasure most professional inspection division of the inspection, extracted trace of spiritual fruit juices, fruit juice into the drug discovery and drug Millennium Lingcao considerable power, it can be proved that this a spiritual fruit of the value and the value of the Millennium Lingcao should be the same, "" While this spiritual fruit but because of the unique spirit of things but, so spiritual fruit While the starting price, positioning twenty began, each increase is not less than one began, and now the auction began, "a thousand year's worth it Lingcao began in ten or so, but most of the Millennium Lingcao can be used to refine a panacea, so there will be a lot of people buy This spiritual fruit is just a drug can be compared to the Millennium Lingcao, but no one knows its drug xìng in the end what is true, it is very tasteless, many people are reluctant to spend big price to buy the things they are not familiar with, for a time, nobody even placards, "forty began," Bi Ningshuai shouted again, to raise brand, but also the No. 323 VIP seats, the entire auction those guests have become accustomed to any one treasure has been sent to auction platform, will be this guy to raise double the price,
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