Christian Dior

August 30 [Tue], 2011, 14:56
Name: Christian Dior (Christiandior) Brand Profile: (1) Founder: Christiandior Christian Dior (2) registered Die: Paris, France late (1946) (3) Designers: 1946 -1957, the Christian Dior (Christiandior) 1957 -1960 years, Yves Saint Laurent (Yvessaintlaurent) 1960 年-1989, Marc Bohan (Marcbohan) 1989 - 1996, Dan 弗兰科费雷best skin care clarisonic skin care best skin care products clarisonic skin care system clarisonic skin care brushes clarisonic skin care clarisonic skin care brushesclarisonic skin care system clarisonic pro deluxe professional 4-speed skin care system best home treadmill Horizon Fitness Treadmill cheap treadmill horizon t101 treadmill Horizon T101 Horizon treadmill review Folding treadmill Best Treadmill under 1000 manduka pro mat manduka mat review best yoga mat (Gianfrancoferre) 1996 years later, John Galliano (Johngalliano) (4) brand line: Christiandior Christian Dior: Hao-class women, Hao-class clothing (5) Category: Hao-class women, Hao-class garments, knitwear, underwear, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and other brand story: (1) Dior brand has been synonymous with beautiful women. big v Ling Cammalleri Evening dress, with multi-level and free of fur, are from the hand of genius designer at Dior, narrow its elegant dress, never able to make walking comfortable to wear Zhuoche reflects Hun beauty of elegant and practical combination of Dior brand of Ge is also reflected in the life of Shi is still committed to the intelligibility; selection Hao files fabrics such as silk, traditional coat it, worsted wool, taffeta, gorgeous embroidery, etc. and work more in order to fine reflexes (2) After 1957, Christian Dior is still synonymous with elegant and beautiful second generation designer Saint Laurent into Dior in 1959, Moscow, and the introduction of Dior The new series of slim line third-generation heir to Mark Bohan, Wu Miss Dior record series, Yan added the Dior brand attitude and style, and carried forward by the Yi Dior In 1989 the Italian designer Ferre presided over the design, His arrival is the more exaggerated Dior traditional, romantic style into a new rigorous and elegant. Today, Dior by lvth group management; 1997, the young designer by Gary Arnold Ying country brought to the Dior front so far. In the 1990s the Dior brand, in addition to its range of category-class women Hao, Hao-class clothing, there are perfumes, furs, scarves, sweaters, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry, and Hai, etc. ( 3) For decades, Christian Dior brand constantly Die for people to create Zhuo Brand Name: Gucci (gucci) Brand Profile: (1) Type: Hao-class clothing (2) Founder: 古奇欧古孜 (gucciogucci) (3) registered Die: Yi Italian Florence (1923) (4) Designer: 1923 -1989, 古奇欧古孜 1989-1992, richardmbertson (Richard Lamberson), Shi Yi equipment design and innovation to guide 1990-1991 years, dawnmello (Tang Mello), U.S. citizenship in 1994, designers, tomford (Tom Current Special) (5) brand line: gucci Gucci (6) categories: apparel, leather ** Hai, watches, home accessories, pet supplies , with scarves and Ling, 1975, the establishment of Gucci perfume Bu launch fragrance products. (vii) Biao consumer groups: upper-class women, movie stars (8) Die Address: 73viatornabuoni, florence, ltaly legendary brand: gucci: @ cerruti1881 (Cerruti 1881): Men A cerruti (Cerruti): Shi equipment, perfume (5) categories: Hao-class men's clothing, Hao-class women's clothing, fragrances, and another film costume design, etc. (6) Die Address: 3placedelamadeleine , 75008paris, france late 75008 Paris, France, horse tinkling Lena, Price 3-style comprehensive Xun: Shi father loaded his reputation of ninocerruti men cerruti1881 brand promise he made to explain Ge shows famous four Hai cerruti brand to the reason in fact, he had in 1957 launched a men's brand of 1967 born in Pakistan late cerruti1881 the Hun is his design philosophy reflects the United States for expansion of the traditional factors follow Huo, laid cerruti brand planning Shi generation Mi bit. cerruti1881 men's streamlined design is to bring people to an unprecedented surprise; not only shaped Shi engraved money is still tight Suishi, the cut is the traditional hand-Yi Italian Chi, Ying Chi's color scheme Huo country French style Hun Chi Chi's kind of blend of beauty, into a classic and fresh taste in addition to cerruti1881 men, the same brand line cerruti Shi installed, the same world-renowned perfume industry has long been known, while the Swiss watch series, described this large family in the name of Men upstart great potential it has always been Seiitsu elegant inherited cerruti design, the use of Hao-degree precision Swiss watchmaking technology is refined, with Xu, Hao Ya, expansive, coherent Chezhuo cerruti publicity quality tradition also due to power with the mercury lamp sock flown Juan Star-frequency end bond, cerruti1881 this unique international brand filled Zhuo Hollywood's impressive style, symbol Zhuo reputation, wealth and personal style brand names: Giorgio Armani (giorgioarmani) Brand Profile: Founder giorgioarmani (Giorgio Armani) Yi was born in 1934, the Italian study medicine and professional photographers, who in the Cerruti menswear designer Giorgio Armani was founded in 1975. won the Chennai Men - Marcos Award, all wool Biaozhi Award life achievement award, American International Designers Association Award, Kudishake Award and other awards. 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