Cement Rotary Kilns' application Is Very Broad

December 02 [Tue], 2014, 10:54

Simplified corrosion is the main reason for the cement plant to replace simplified. Cement plant, stop at the overhaul of cement rotary kiln, kiln maintenance, replacement of kiln lining refractory brick, it is easy to find, from the cylinder body wall plate corrosion, has a multi-layer structure; Close to simplified the angled, reddish brown and black side near the kiln lining as with clinker gray, mixed with reddish brown, black, brassy intermediate layers, each layer were sparry littering or into distribution of particles in the above.

Cement production line in the 1950 s, not Germany had dropped to 359 kj/clinker kiln body heat, and into the kiln body heat in the 1980 s in China is still as high as 669 a 1045 kj/clinker, heat 310-686 kj/clinker. How cooler heat 167-209 u/clinker, grate cooler heat dissipation is less, but after winds take away heat up to 146-350 kj/clinker.

The application of rotary kiln in industry is very broad, not just in one area. In the field in the metal manufacturing equipment of all kinds of metal smelting, the metal contains iron, copper, nickel, zinc, etc. Such as industrial enterprise is bound to be used when iron-making rotary kiln, this time mainly for blast furnace iron-making process. In addition, there are some chemical production process is the use of the product will be the reduction of some iron ore in high efficiency.

Now the equipment we used is reasonable no matter which kind of products to be able to play its advantages, not only can finish the whole production process also won"t increase the cost for the use of the rotary kiln. Domestic companies in saw it in the chemical industry and the importance of the construction industry"s advantage also began into rotary kiln production and processing work, through the production of high quality equipment for the enterprise also increase a lot of revenue.

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