Yang Qin desert lake jump out

December 29 [Sat], 2012, 15:15
"Volley, to open a hole here." Said Yang Qin desert island edge pointing a ice. Ice of the lake is very clear, it seems that people will step up split, actually more than two meters thick. Yang Qin desert determined to test than to see just how powerful volley fist. The volley conduct itself came to it, hesitated and said: "hole here, will not scare away the fish we want to catch?" "How could it be that the fish in the one thousand meters below, come on." Volley took a deep breath, then shouted, punched to the ice surface. Boom loud ice the pit with a diameter of about two meters. Dan Yue Lou see the island secretly speechless, the hard-as much as the ice stone. Volley did not seem to take much effort, it will be more than two meters thick ice penetrated. Do not know Yang Qin desert is how to find this guy. "Let me go first to try it." Said the volley smash the ice surface. "Good." Yang Qin desert out to avoid drops of water to the volley. Volley pick up after they jumped into the lake. Qin desert sun to see the air all the way through the water, dive, about 70 meters deep in places convenient sight. The gray bird named after him as "generals" drill from his arms, jumping around in Bingku, looked curiously at the following. Dan Yue Lou from the island to go over, looked at that big hole, said: "his knowledge was nine colors of fish it? Him since the initiative requirements go, should is awareness of." "Oh." Dan Yue Lou and would like to ask, to volley avoid the drops of water are not afraid of him holding a run? See Qin desert sun intently looked at the surface of the water, they hold back. After a few minutes, break open the ice on the lake knot on a thin layer of ice, Yang Qin desert ice crack. So repeated several times, after a half-hour look, finally saw a volley figure. Volley leap onto the ice, shook his head and said: "I only dive to seven or eight meters look, did not see that fish." Qin desert sun said: "I'll try." Took the avoid drops of water jumped down . Dan Yue Lou see volley stand the edge of the hole, like Qin desert sun just like the crack of a new knot of ice. After about half an hour, Yang Qin desert lake jump out, said: "mobility, very hard for me, but to try several times, should grasp." Deep water into odd big pressure, he went down to the kilometers about am Action hundred times more difficult than usual, avoid the drops of water are separated from the water range is also much smaller than in shallow water. Volley and said: "Let me go try again." "Do not Taimian Jiang Qin desert sun to avoid drops of water thrown past said Women's Hybridge Lite Vest. This time volley to probably over eight hundred meters deep from one thousand meters short of something. Go back to the Qin desert sun, the depth of the dive touches enough can slow action, should pay attention to the fish is delusional. So toss a few back from the target is always difference between the length of nine colors of fish, but Qin desert sun fourth down to see this place so I was not chosen the wrong. Visible grasping not people more depressed. Dan Yue Lou said: "first rest a, we take it slow, not anxious this when a moment." Yang Qin desert stop to was found to have long after the noon, patronize the sake of fishing, forgot to eat, Province since Dan Yue Lou and volley I am afraid starving busy come eat and give everyone. See the edge of the gray birds generals are still holes Bengda cried: "General, come here!" Generals hear Summoner fly over, coming Qin desert sun in front when, suddenly excited tweets twice, passing from the top of his head to the island on the fly. The trio looked zhuantou chao island, I do not know when one edge of Mishima, the long hair, the young man, wearing a mantle of white classical. This dress generally the Huaxia Guo people only until the New Year and some important celebration wear and rarely wear out walking around outside. General flew in front of the young man, fell on his outstretched right hand, and crying constantly. Man when where? "Dan Yue Lou asked in surprise, but no one can answer him. Three of which position to the island edge over thirty meters like Qin desert sun to the eyes and ears of the Spirit, for there actually when a person without any perceptible. Called for a General in the hands of the young man, and fly back, do not fall, called a few times towards the Qin desert sun, seem to want to let him past. "Generals know that guy Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded?" Qin desert sun wondered, "That guy is definitely not ordinary people, but it seems nothing malicious Meet up did not hurt." Thought as they walked toward the island. Dan Yue Lou and volley put away the hands of eating, followed him in the past. Young man long body Yuli imposing appearance, white hair, stand in the ice and snow, it seems, and the body weeks all for financial integration Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Sale. One under the Qin desert sun, then some good impression hold Baoquan was going to say hello, caught a glimpse of his fingers on the jade brave young man, said: "So is the first pole cases." Is the big brother how to call? "Qin desert sun said. White youth did not answer, cocked his head, said: "first pole were not yet dead of it?" "What you say?" Yang Qin desert heard furious, that little bit of good impression immediately gone previously, pointing to the nose of the youth said: "a kind of say it again!" not to mention his identity on the first pole were already alone, jade brave troops, worn on the finger, then it would be the most serious provocation. The white youth Lengheng cry, Yang Qin desert with great disdain eyes sweep a Yang Qin desert is no fee if you talk to him, hands Young would attack them. "The Thunder nine-?" Youth discourse revealed some unexpected and raised a hand of bombers, Yang Qin desert offensive will be plugging back. Volley see amazing two hands to move the momentum turned and ran quickly patrol Dan Yue Lou toward retreat, just two steps, the two played against Gangqi coming his top fly up. Fortunately, this look is just the aftermath volley slightly adjust stabilize the stature, see General Gangqi blown the front, holding out a hand to lift up and far away, with Dan Yue Lou. Yang Qin desert sights several times to give with one hand, were the young man turned back. I thought: "This guy knows 'the Thunder nine', I have a different power law." Mind moving at even make the seven kinds unnamed book on the most powerful tricks. Days tactic? "Will actually robbed simple thing." Youth readily Parry, like a stroll.
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