my new friend  

January 29 [Fri], 2010, 12:24
I know u would be slightly disappointed if u find out that i didnt write any blog.
So i'm trying to write a blog just to make you feel special.
Well while you were in thailand having fun, i was busy doing work. Arizona was terrible.
weekend was pretty lonely. Havent been productive at all.
Well however there is one good news. Although i dont like dogs/animals much, Taku brought back this chihuahua.
So we have to take care of her for 3 months or so.
Since Taku comes home late all the time, i ve been walking the dog and what not. She is very shy. Taku said she got abused by the owner's bf so cuz of the stress from it, She is little bald.
Since She is staying in taku's room, i dont have to worry about her going through my trash or taking a shit on my carpet and stuff. She spends time with me so i feel like i'm not all alone. lol
here is the picture of her.

She likes ur kotatsu so she is staying inside and just chilln in there.
I'm gonna work out and maybe go buy some eggs. So i can take some protein before i go to sleep.
Hopefully i will get huge when i see you!
see u soon baby yobo!
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