20 Nov, 2014 

November 20 [Thu], 2014, 23:22
how long has it passed since the last post?

Im doing just same old shit in different way that so boring stuff

OH yea i like Inoue-san from the comedy group "NON STYLE" he is so positive!!

the moment comes to me to look back all through this year,
approx about a month left to welcome the new year 2015.
i havent thought the conclusion about my life in the past because ima bit scared to see/face
the real what Ive done or havent done.

29 Oct, 2014 

October 30 [Thu], 2014, 2:05
I am soo depressed... this feeling comes at every night because of not finding a job YET!

I got picked by the local hotel on Monday when I had an interview
but the condition is so sucks...I have to answer I work for them or not tomorrow so
I will refuse this opportunity.
Totally I am lost. Im about to take this chance but wait... a second, i cannot ruin
a little more luck within me.

ill go to bed soon... i dont wanna think about this!!!!

13? oct,2014 

October 14 [Tue], 2014, 15:59
im heading back home from interview in Tokyo.
going out to up downtown is always fun:)
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    ・Watching movie
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I will let the people who wants to talk behind my back be if that makes them happy. I am willing to be told bad things about me by them for their happiness or satisfaction. I would like to enjoy my own life overall to not to be bothered such a trifling thing.
Yes, I am a positive thinker!!-By Nonstyle井上
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