August 25 [Thu], 2005, 18:34
Nowadays I always am with forigner.
Especially Taiwanese.
It is normally for me to speak English and it is good for me.

Most of my friends are university students.
But I am not student.
So sometimes I envy them.
Because they dont bother about job, they only have to think study.
After graduating language school, I have to work in NZ.
And it is not far from today....
So now I m very nurvous.
I want to be a student!

good friends 

August 24 [Wed], 2005, 19:37
Today my favorite best friend Nasser was last day.
He always makes us happy&funny.
So we must miss him.
He was loved by all students.
I think that he has a power that can make someone happy.
I envy him.
I want to be a person like Nasser.
I wish his happiness.
Take care!
And I hope he will be a good doctor!!

Bye Nasser:,-(


August 23 [Tue], 2005, 14:19
Nowadays I feel so sad.
Because 3rd September I will finish scool....
Initially I don't like my school, because I didnt have many friends.
Everyday I talk with Japnese friends.
But now I always talk with foreigner.
It is very nice for me. And they are my best friends.
So now I want to keep going to go to school.
If I can, I want to go there and I want to learn English there.

Kumari who is my teacher is super funny teacher.
I like her very much.
She is a funniest&best teacher in my life.

From 5th September, Im working.
I have to make money for living.
But I want to go to school:,-(


August 20 [Sat], 2005, 5:36
This week, as my time table changed so I had to get up early.
Until last Friday I had only to get up 9.00 am.
So I'm tired now...:-(

But! Today is a Saturday!!

Today I m going to Auckland zoo.
I love animals so Im looking forward to meeting them.
Come to think of it I heard that Auckland zoo is a one of the most beautiful zoo in the world!
So excited!!

Initially I thought that Auckland is a borling city, but afterwhile I noticed.
If I do look for someting spontaneously, I can feel Auckland is a exciting city!!

So from now on I intend to look for interesting things!


August 15 [Mon], 2005, 17:13
Sometimes I want money.
Sometimes I wanna be alone.
Sometimes I'm bored.
Sometimes I wanna die.
Sometimes I feel lonely.
I am selfish.


August 14 [Sun], 2005, 18:58
Nowadays I'm thinking about changing.
People are changing every day, every time.
But it is difficult for us to see changing.
Sometimes people are change in their own conceit, but others dont care.

My ex-girl friend has been changing for long time.
It's a long time no see, so I've expected her not to change.
that is to say, she was a great person for me.

But when I contacted with her after a long time no see, she has changed.
I was shocked.

I know that people is changing.
I want to change the good way.


August 08 [Mon], 2005, 17:07





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