No.13 New word 

2007年02月13日(火) 16時19分

No.12 New word 

2007年02月12日(月) 14時32分
demand・・・noun / very firm request for sth ; sth that sb needs / 要求、需要
He demanded an apology.

religion・・・noun / belief in and worship of god or gods / 宗教
He dose not eat beef because of his religion.

apologize・・・verb / say that you are sorry / あやまる
You should apologize to him for your rudeness.

attract・・・verb / get sbs attention or interest / 魅惑する、引きつける
He attracts a lot of people.

current・・・adj / of the present time ; happening now / 現在の、今の
The current fashion looks strange of me.

No.11 New word 

2007年02月11日(日) 17時00分
persuade・・・verb / make sb do sth by giving them good reasons for doing it / 説得する
I persuade her to change her mind.

propose・・・verb / suggest a plan,idea / 提案する
He proposed that we should visit the museum.

seek・・・verb / look for sb,sth / 探す
I am going to NY to seek fame and fortune.

desire・・・noun / strong wish to have or do sth / 強く望む、願望
She desire to work in Paris.

claim・・・verb / say that sth is true,without being able to prove it / 要求する、主張する
The scient claimed the theory was wrong.

No.10 New word 

2007年02月10日(土) 16時16分
decrease・・・verb / become or make sth smaller in size,number / 減る、減らす
The number of student has been decreasing in Japan.

flood・・・noun / great quantity of water / 洪水、人が殺到する
The heavy rain caused the flood.

method・・・noun / way of doing sth / 方法、手順
His method for teaching english is unigue.

affair・・・noun / important public or political events / 業務、事件、出来事
I am busy with my daily affairs.

attempt・・・verb / try to do sth / 試み、企てる
Her attempt was successful

No.9 New word 

2007年02月09日(金) 16時27分
warn・・・verb / tell sb in advance about a possible danger / 警告、注意
The teacher warned Tom not to be late.

instruction・・・noun / information on how to do sth / 指示、指導
I followed his instruction.

pupil・・・noun / person being taught esp a child in a school / 生徒
There are 40 pupils in the class.

principal・・・adj / most important;main / 校長、主要な
He is the principal of our school.

remove・・・verb / take sth,sb away or off / 取り除く、移動する
He removed the beans from the soup.

No.8 New word 

2007年02月08日(木) 17時01分
material・・・noue / cloth used for making colthes / 材料
The materials I need are paint and wallpaper.

struggle・・・verb / fight against sb,sth / 争う、奮闘する
The company is struggling for survival.

seize・・・verb / take hold of sb,sth suddenly and with force / 捕える、つかむ
He seized her by the arm.

strike・・・verb / hit sb,sth hard /打つ、なぐる
He struck the table in anger.

rush・・・verb / move or do sth with great speed,often too fast / 急行する、突進する
She rushed to the hospital

No.7 New word 

2007年02月07日(水) 16時22分
independence・・・adj / having their own government / 独立
Algeria gained in independence from France in 1962.

association・・・noue / official group of people joined together for a purpse / 組合、協会
She is a member of an association for protecting birds.

whatever・・・pron / any,every,anything,everything / 〜するものは何でも
That rich man buys whatever he wants.
You can eat whatever you like.

whichever・・・pron / used to say what feature or quality is important in deciding sth / どちらの〜でも、どちらが〜しても
You can take whichever you like.

whoever・・・pron / the person or people who / だれでも、だれが〜しても
We welcome whoever joins this culb.

No.6 New word 

2007年02月06日(火) 16時45分
settle・・・verb / put and end to argument or disagreement / 定住、解決
They decided to settle in Boston.

achieve・・・verb / gain or reach sth by effort;get sth done / 達成、成し遂げる
He finally achieved his goal.

involve・・・verb / include or affect sb / 巻き込む
He was involved in an accident.

occur・・・verb / come into your mind / 起こる、ふと「彼」の心に浮かぶ
A good idea occured to him.

duty・・・noue / something that you must do , tax / 義務
It is your duty to tell the truth.

No.5 New word 

2007年02月05日(月) 16時49分
consumer・・・noun / person who buys goods / 消費者
We should think of sonsumers first.

prove・・・verb / well known phrase or sentence that states the truth or give advice/ 証明する、〜であることがわかる
His method proved to be effective.

indicate・・・verb / show sth;esp by pointing;be a sgin of sth / 指し示す、示す
The speedometer indicates 100 kilometors per hour.

represent・・・verb / act or speak officially on behalf of sb / 象徴、代表
What he has just said represent our feeling.

replace・・・verb / be used instead of sth/sb else / 取り替える、戻す
He replaced the light bulb with a new one.

------------------------The police is mounted.-------------------------

No.4 New word 

2007年02月04日(日) 16時34分
apply・・・verb / ask officially for sth ~ for a job,viza / 申し込む,適用する
Did you apply for the job?

commercial・・・adj / of or relating to commerce / 商業の、貿易の
He is a student at a commercial high school.

available・・・adj / that you can find or buy / 利用できる、入手できる
Ticket for the concert are still available.

advertise・・・verb / make sth for sale , known to people by notices in newspapers / 宣伝する、広告を出す
Nissan is advertising a new car on tv.

manufacture・・・verb / make or produce goods in largee quantities,using machinery / 製造、製品
This company manufacture model cars.

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