Patek philippe: blood patrimony of commercial art (II)

June 28 [Fri], 2013, 12:11
"As the foundation, with passion and love, this is the need to adhere to the business every day!" Philip · stearns review yourself in this decades of clocks and watches industry, feel the deepest is that "for the patek philippe, it has not only is a family name; in a family business successor, tend to be particularly" attention "; people will ask you, 'challenges' to you, even with the' test 'if you are qualified, or just a "airborne"." So, in a little work to understand each link in a family business, familiar with every product, to cultivate a long-term vision and credibility, is a very useful and necessary.
From childhood watch enthusiast to after the family business owners, less immediate, patek philippe has experienced both generations of long hone. Philip stearns, who had travelled to New York in the United States, from the sales end source understand patek philippe products and consumers, "I work in the United States between the two and a half years, has been from New York to the United States cities. At that time, I always carry a backpack, a patek philippe products in there, visiting every customer, to show them from patek philippe the perfection of technology aesthetics." Philip · stearns after back to Geneva, study in patek philippe's headquarters in every department, from on the watch strap and production of the dial, and the process design, such as the long and arduous working experience, make sure the Philip stearns benefited, and led him to truly understand the operation of watchmaking, and the duties of a watchmaker.
And the steadfast rigorous traditional and creative spirit of not afraid the test also pass to stearns family's fourth generation - terry stearns spent ten years of time, waiting for the opportunity to fight together with his father. At the beginning of the business, father terry stearns was sent to Germany for the patek philippe to develop new markets, in two years time he contact with retail and sales areas, and a closer look at the sales process and strategy. Young terry stearns left Germany went to the United States, it is two years, he paid a visit to the big market in all of the retailers. Return to their homeland after terry stearns continues to work at the grassroots level, studying strap and table element production of external components. "This price experienced hardship, but valuable! Let me have the opportunity to participate in sales, chain and components of inventory management, after-sales service and business relations; at the same time, I also can work on a par with many outstanding artists TAB, and from them to inspect to unparalleled tradition tabulation process and skills."
Mentioned at the beginning of took office as the biggest is also the most direct challenge, terry stearns said, is the need to through a lot of materials and product research, insight into the process of each wrist, and contain precious story behind. "At the same time, terry stearns also need to more quickly adapt to the role of Shared responsibility -" product line, technological innovation, financial status, and even human distribution of various aspects, in this, that by the love and career has just begun. "
As two generations of the patek philippe, in front of father and son are on different levels of patek philippe opened new realm. Philip · Henry's father stearns relatively advocating ideas, "he has been told me, patek philippe to keep family business, keep the independence as well as the traditional small-scale manufacturing. I agree with many of his ideas, but in the ever-changing business environment, if you want to continue, patek philippe require a degree of expansion." So, Philip · stearns adjusted the company structure, and strictly has been clear about the responsibility division of labor and the details, "with the increase of company personnel, as well as the market develops, let every staff understand and clear responsibilities distribution, it is necessary for a family business. Naturally, every man's sense of belonging and sense of responsibility will be increased, thus can greatly affect their work efficiency, and achievement."
As the son of Philip · stearns, terry stearns from modern world in the inheritance of fathers are the traditional path, created a new way of working, to patek philippe injected new thought of science and technology and modernization, he abandoned the mountains of paperwork documents, the use of advanced electronic technology equipment, to master every aspect of the workshop anytime and anywhere. "This is a fast-paced world, I want to personally contact every employee, retailers and customers, so many trivial work way and process all need to keep up with the pace."
In patek philippe, stearns and his son will use a lot of time in dealing with employees, focus on people if they have difficulty, whether happy, if you can get sense of accomplishment; At the same time, they also with retailers and consumers to maintain close relations, to different cities to participate in the activities, chatting with them, understand their needs and satisfaction. "Humanized management and ways of cooperation, is also to maintain one of the key factors in the success of the family business. Maybe this is not difficult, but it is need to insist every day and focus on things." Philip, stearns said, "we always keep the open attitude, and strive to cooperate in a better way with people."
From the business strategy level, for a long time, pictet fei lido has its most traditional insist, don't blindly follow the trend. Terry stearns explains: "in the patek philippe, we are committed to tabulation skills of innovation creation, but it is not a fashion and trend change time synchronization." Patek philippe when each new meter, its colour, size, design details etc. have fine-tuned, but stick to have only belongs to the classic elements of patek philippe, this is every generation to inherit the common belief, "dedicated to the movement of the perfect innovation, and make the classic eternal spread in patek philippe."
The most by your skills and beliefs, the brand heritage value

Patek philippe and every generation to inherit the influence each other, together with the change; Yet that sustain brand spirit at the core of the traditional have indeed become thick base mat, in a more open and innovation between soil, mature new realm - patek philippe brand spirit and value, is the most perfect TAB for the eternal pursuit of art, especially in intergenerational inheritance, comes down to good to really life belief.
Philip · stearns on father learned the most, in addition to the love of clocks and watches, the pursuit of perfect, more emphasis on emotional transfer, this is also one of the brand concept of patek philippe, "when you have a patek philippe watch, it actually contains the emotions, it is a part of you, is your achievement reward. Customers for love patek philippe, a lot of time has nothing to do with the price and craft, talks, and their own lives, and those who are the most precious moments of life. Such a memory of gratitude for life and inheritance, is very good."
"The good emotional experience, also is the core of patek philippe brand spirit, I also want to bring terry stearns." Indeed, stearns in front of father and son are very close, they always make decisions together, and share with each other. "Terry and I worked together for nearly 24 years, we together to do meaningful things, to communicate with the people around, to focus on producing the highest quality perfect plan the product - I basic and teri emphasize these every day, so he hear, early ready to enough." In terry's memory, 60 s, patek philippe has 150 employees, and now has been increased to 2200. "Since I have just open the family business, father will patek philippe impart to me at the core of the brand philosophy, and constantly remind me, that is to the most beautiful, high quality and personalized the most long insist on manufacturing standard." "Adhere to the brand value and the concept is very important."
"I will patek philippe, of course, in the traditional concept of teach terry at the same time, he will also have their own thinking and judgment." Philip, stearns said. To improve the communication between the "differences", Philip · stearns path, "at the beginning of the terry stearns career, I will be a senior in the industry are very good friend introduced to teri, and work together with him. I have met with the friends in the university, he was very understanding patek philippe and traditional core of the entire family business, he always encouraged teri to thinking about the problem, and find the solution, teri benefit from this." The "mentor" is not only lead the terry stearns a deeper understanding of the patek philippe, also become the running-in between the two father and son, at the beginning of the most difficult to give the great help.
At the same time, the brand value and emotion is not only a continuation between intergenerational inheritance person, but also need to all employees in the family business and the participants' understanding and support, they need to be integrated into the family business by the brand idea and the spirit of the inherent to maintain, as a motive force of the enterprise struggle. Therefore, patek philippe set up a series of training programs for new talents, to make them more real understanding of the patek philippe. Terry stearns also smiled said: "we refuse to office politics, but as far as possible let everybody together. When you enter a family business, but in fact is joining a big group of 2000 people."
Yes, almost every company has its own brand values, but for patek philippe does have its differences. Terry stearns said: "many companies may write down their brand value, however, need to constantly explore its meaning, as a marketing tool. But in the patek philippe, we have to practice in daily work to the valuable ideas handed down from generation to generation, but suddenly one day, my father decided to write it down, that's it. With the brand value is very easy, the hard part is to heavy and complicated daily work will it into practice. It is not a textbook, but formed naturally experience."
"However, in many countries, there are other family enterprises with a long history, so for the patek philippe, we still have a long way to continue." And Philip, stearns and said modestly.
In patek philippe, with every generation to inherit from their parents the most precious teachings, to new experiences into the tradition, continue to go down. Today, the fourth generation successor as patek philippe terry stearns also comes as the most beautiful stage of life and career, when it comes to education and training for the next generation of inheritance, terry, have their own understanding and interpretation: "my children now is young, for them, now the most important, is must accept orthodox learning and education, and I do not ask them first, but have to keep learning. Secondly, they have begun to brand awareness, are also beginning to subtly patek philippe and their parents are engaged in industry. As a result, they also realized that their growth in a more superior economic foundation of the family -- this time, it is necessary to learn to respect others and steadfastly personhood. After all, in their own hard work before, the superiority is not belong to them." Terry stearns said, this is not just in order to train the next generation has the ability to become a patek philippe's successor, but to let them in the future have a kind of independent personality. "Of course, as my father told me, if in the future what my next generation have their own love, I won't force them to join the family business, but will encourage them to fully play their enthusiasm and potential!"
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