April 22 [Thu], 2010, 21:21
Here i will wirite in English only!
this blog for improving my english skills!

today..I have got my TOEIC result!
it was my highest score i have ever had.
but i want more and more!

my english is not good enough...
so,i will try to wirite English diary!

what should i write first,,,
i have been lazy these days!haha
but from now i have just cahged to the other me!
this blog encouraged me to study english again!
before i came here i hadn't had any english skills.
been here for 10 months i have been away form my boyfriend for 10 months!
was it worth visiting here? snd studying here?

what a stupid question i asked by my self...haha
i have only 1month to stay here..
i have to change my mind then i will stdudy as hard as i can...
my week point in english!

3.time consuming

those are what i have to solve by before i go back to japan!
my aim is to wirite at least one time a day!
and learn more voca as many as i can .
then i will be what i want to be!

today i learned 2 negative sentence!
that was stupid......

I don't dislike coffee but i prefer tea

my teacher confused me in class..

toby....tihs is funny guy but he is always being bad to me !haha
but i dont dislike him!haha!

see ya ...good night.
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