Mori Art Museum
2006.05.02 [Tue] 02:24

I went to Mori Art Museum in Roppongi for Tokyo-Berlin/Berlin-Tokyo exhibit.

The museum is on the 53th floor of Roppongi Hills building.

It was cloudy on that day.

This picture reminded me of the film, Brazil by Terry Gilliam.

2006.05.02 [Tue] 02:19

My aunt used to do ventriloquis with this doll named, Shin-chan.

As far as I could remember, she seemed like a professional.

I don't know.... I was very young.

But now I see this picture of Shin-chan, it looks creepy.

Sorry, Shin-chan.

fire extinguisher
2006.05.02 [Tue] 02:07

Fire extinguisher in my apartment.

It is in red.

What color is it in the US? I can't remember.

tamagawa river
2006.05.02 [Tue] 02:01

I like riverside. I like watching the surface of water in the river, too...
It's interesting. Does it make sense??

I am looking for the best place along the Tamagawa river in Tokyo.

I haven't found it yet.

I saw some good looking place from train, though.

The search still goes on...

To be continued.

jobby job
2006.05.02 [Tue] 01:52

I was looking for a job after graduating from college.

I actually got a job in October last year...

I was too busy to update this page and didn't have a chance to say this,


I got a job. YES!!

This picture was taken at my work recently. It was about 3 am...

Big Buddha
2005.08.07 [Sun] 22:28

I have a tendency to run the moment I see the ocean. I was trying to supress the impulse of running on the old train. I had a different goal to achieve this time besides going to the ocean.
I went to Kamakura to see Big Buddha (Daibutsu).

There are windows on the back of the Buddha.

I paid extra 20 cents to go inside the Buddha. I was curious... It wasn't that good. No wonder it costs only 20 cents. It was humid inside.

2005.08.05 [Fri] 23:53

My aunt sent me some fish from my hometown, Kochi. Barracuda (kamasu), horse mackerel (aji) and squid (ika).

I had barracuda tonight. It was yammmmy.

I also cooked goya, bell pepper, eggplant and pork. Currently I'm into goya. It is a little bitter, but I'm liking it.

Tokyo jungle
2005.08.04 [Thu] 00:11

I found rabbits in Tokyo jungle.

Here is a lion rabbit. It is a rabbit not lion.
Black rabbits are cuite. I had only white one. I want a rabbit. I want a rabbit. I want a rabbit.

Then I found a goldfish. They move so fast.

2005.07.16 [Sat] 13:42

eating sweets late at night. It is a good way to handle your stress... or not?

2005.07.11 [Mon] 00:37

Grocery is much more expensive in Japan than in the US. I'm trying to save money on food as usual. Creativity is very important in cooking, especially if you wanna save money and still enjoy the food.

These are cheaply made... but my favorite. Ginger-seasoned pork (shoga-yaki).