An even if they don't blow up, you love them, right?

April 15 [Tue], 2014, 13:03
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Because if they're cheap, they're definitely worth having.

On the other hand, if you find an amazing pair of sneakers and they are well within your budget, it is your sartorial duty to snap them up. You may have stumbled on to the next big thing before it blows up and costs a zillion dollars. An even if they don't blow up, you love them, right? That's what counts.

Because you can get them in a million colors.This goes hand-in-hand with the cheap thing. If you find a pair of sneakers that you love and that aren't too pricey, you can start amassing your collection of perfect kicks. You'll have the right color for every ensemble, and then in 20 years, you'll probably be able to sell them for 10 times what you paid in the first place. Maybe.

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