Milan derby ups and downs Juventus leading AC Milan to win ahead

May 08 [Tue], 2012, 16:26
Italy local time 20, 45, Serie A champions announced a dramatic way. Over the last two while doing so start the target of a pair of the war, the Serie A championship race staged fiction of Two Cities. Juventus on a road trip 2 to 0 victory over the seemingly impossible victory over Cagliari and AC Milan 4 lost the Milan derby. Inter Milan for helping Juventus hand, Juve four points to increase AC Milan, so that you can advance one boarded the championship podium.

Ewing dream start

AC Milan before the game behind Juve a Derby victory and Juve numerous, will win the top spot. Inter must win to have the hope to enter into the Champions League. customized nfl jerseys Juve-off war Cagliari, so as to keep a leading edge within the only way to win. The 2 main main event start at the same time, but no one thought that premature cross-gun fighting inside your home Cagliari. Juve opening six minutes, created a dream start. The Bonucci midfield pass overheads, Vucinic over the right forward runs within the formation of single-pole on the corner of one's small restricted area Tuishe nets. 1-0, through the Serie A standings Juventus just before AC Milan's points gap widened to four points. Six minutes once the Milan city, the Rossoneri could point gap narrowed to 1 minute, Robinho cross from your left, Ibrahimovic six meters before the instep Dianshe even matt ryan youth jersey higher, missing valuable goals. Two minutes later, Inter fired back, Inter core Sneijder midfield kick kick an extended pass towards restricted area on the left, Samuel ferry, Milito four meters opposite Tuishe nets. Inter tightly keep the city enemy AC Milan, Juventus a foot to send the championship podium.

Milan derby pros and cons

Although the Rossoneri have no idea of the Bianconeri side in front of his four points, but Milan fans inside stands anxiously shouting, the Rossoneri manage to let players find out what. They get caught up, 42 minutes the Nocerino Direct closed within the left, Boateng stretched toe poke Cesar threw himself Ibrahimovic blank range he missed, Rizzoli penalty. Ibrahimovic penalty shot, the match 1 Roddy White Falcons Jersey to 1. Now the Serie A standings, Milan behind Juventus three points, champion suspense if perhaps there is a still retained. Easy side battles, just opening a Milan play blitz, Robinho about the right pass, Ibrahim reached the restricted area, light rubbing shot from the restricted subject of ??the right side with the door at 7 m. 2 to 1, Milan overtake Juve point gap oh no- 1. At the same time, Juventus off war are still sometimes deadlocked, can only keep a ball state of the art. Who can not see Milan in a good mood is just maintained for 5 minutes, 52 minutes Inter dagger Milito broke in to the restricted section of ??the left Julio Jones Falcons Jersey side of Abate from behind, pulled down, the referee over again a penalty. The Milito surgeon hits, 2 to 2 to tie the game.

One to another goal of heaven and hell

Have arrived at the climax associated with a Tale of Two Cities on both sides for the game 74 minutes both before and after. The first 74 minutes, Caceres for the right crossing the ball closed, Borriello just before the point of collusion, Cagliari defender Canini 12 meters while you're watching rescue, but kicked out of the strange arc the ball with the goalkeeper A The Ghazi hanging constantly in their own door. 2 0, Juventus even such a way, almost lock to seal the win. Because julius peppers bears jersey previously, Cagliari attack soft and weak. Cagliari, so your style of play, so that the Rossoneri can only win independent. However, Juventus 2 0 after 4 minutes, Maicon cross out of your right Pacini first dots in at 12 m header hit Nesta left arm. The referee repeatedly a penalty! Milito penalty hit again. 3 to 2 from Quarter-hour before the whistle, almost announced Juve win. Milan scored twice at the back of overtake, costly impossible task. 87 minutes, long-range break Maicon. 4 to 2, Inter Milan to the Serie A won the draw from an end. Juve fans begin to celebrate the Bianconeri 30 champion. Following the downgrade of one's phone door, Juve rise again!

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