The Cute Cat Should Know How to Find Food in the Freezer  

September 14 [Tue], 2010, 14:15
Someone is seemed not in favor of chubbty cats, but chubby cats are usually pretty smart. A British cat Amber is a good example, it could open the refrigerator to seek stuff by itself.diesel jeans , the Necessity of Mom for for 2010 Winter

Penny, a 26-year-old British kitty owner, doesn't know why her Amber is becoming fatter and fatter while she doesn't put everything she can reach into her mouth. Is she just like some girls who would be corpulent only by drinking water? Penny didn`t figure it out until one night when she saw Amber open the refrigerator.Why Jessica Biel all Like diesel jeans ? Who Knows!

Penny said: "I can't come round to the idea that why the food in the refrigerator become less in the amount once in a while. Conversely, Amber's is increasingly fatter and fatter.

Pan Ni said, "Until has one time, I discovered that the refrigerator has been turned on, it crashes into my cheese and smoked salmon, is wolfing down." "No wonder she was always by myself whenever I open the fridge, trying to peer in to see what's good to eat."

Challenged by such a "smart" Amber, Miss Penny has to seek other alternatives. She said: "nowadays, I will put food into the plastic box and then put into the refrigerator. Furthermore, I want the Amber to lose weight! At least minus 4.5 kilograms, then I will send it to participate in the competition for cat to lose weight."
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